‘Married At First Sight’ Preview: Stacia’s mother convinces her to give Nate a “Chance”

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Preparing for Stacia and Nathan’s wedding, Stacia’s mother tells her daughter that she is apprehensive about how this whole thing will turn out.

Getting ready for Stacia’s wedding to Nate, her mum, Stacy, is helping her get everything in order. Stacy tells her daughter, “I am extremely excited for you today,” in this preview of the July 13 episode of Married At First Sight. When Stacia takes a risk, Stacy is overjoyed.

To see Stacy lose control and “flow with it” is “wonderful,” says Stacy. Stacia responds, “I can only do my best.”

Mom and daughter are both worried about the big day

Stacy responds, “I’m aware that you have high standards for your men.” That’s what worries me.” This guy deserves a second chance. There are occasions when a person’s superficial first impression is the best impression. I’d like to have this. Do not let your worries stop you from getting to know this individual.

‘Married At First Sight’ Preview: Stacia's mother convinces her to give Nate a "Chance"

Stacia is apprehensive about finding out what Nate expects of his bride. In her own words, she acknowledges, “I don’t want his expectation to be something that… affects my identity.” Stacia’s buddy asks if (and how) she plans to compromise on the problems in her relationship with Stacia’s friend. It’s clear to Stacia that she’ll need to define a “true boundary” with Nate.

Her biggest dealbreaker in a relationship was made clear in the season 15 opener

A “postnup” is non-negotiable for Stacia, as she told her mother earlier this year. The answer was an emphatic “yes” from Stacia. Married At First Sight, on the other hand, appeals to Stacia’s desire to start a family.

The thought of having children seems to be slipping more and further away from me as I grow older. Because of this, she stated, “I need to find someone who is as serious and devoted to you know building a family,” she continued. Lifetime airs the 15th season of Married, At First Sight, every Wednesday night.

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