Mc Fly Glastonbury 2022 Highlights: Memes and Tweets Are Trending, as The Festival Is Finally Back

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McFly performed for the first time at Glastonbury 2022 on Sunday afternoon after a nineteen-year wait (June 26). Since there were so many people waiting to see the band live, Avalon Field had to be shut down by the festival owing to crowding. Danny Jones of McFly addressed the audience as they were engrossed in hit after hit, saying, “We honestly did not expect to see this many people.”

Tom Fletcher, the band’s co-lead singer, told NME onstage, “To finally be here is a dream crossed off the bucket list. Even though the band was only performing for one hour, they managed to fit in some of their most well-known songs, including “Star Girl,” “Obviously,” “All About You,” and “Room on the 3rd Floor,” along with some more recent songs and a version of Queen’s “Don’t Stop Me Now.”

In between songs, bassist Dougie Poynter brought up how Billie Eilish was a young child when they released their first record, and Jones emphasized that if audience members were enjoying the performance, they were “McFly; if not, we are Busted!” in reference to their 2018 supergroup project with Busted, which was appropriately called McBusted.

The Avalon stage at Glasto included

It includes Other 2000s acts besides McFly. As Billie Eilish gave her headlining concert on the Pyramid Stage on Friday night, Sugababes started the post-millennium stylings. Avalon Field had to be shut down by the festival because of the enormous number of people who wanted to see the original Sugababes lineup, which included Mutya Buena, Keisha Buchanan, and Siobhán Donaghy. They had to close Avalon Field because so many of you came to observe us. The band tweeted, “We can’t believe it! In appreciation:

It seems that Glastonbury wasn’t prepared for the masses that McFly and the Sugababes would pull. They may very well be entertaining people on the main stage if they ever do grace the Somerset fields.

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