New Game of Thrones Book Will Be “Quite Different” From The Series, George R.R. Martin Teases

After the “Game of Thrones” frenzy peaked, it’s difficult to remember exactly how much of a stir there actually was around both the books and their HBO adaptation. Readers’ fascination with George R. R. Martin’s expansive Westeros realm led to the HBO series that revived high fantasy for the twenty-first century.

However, after releasing five books in the series—the fifth, “A Dance with Dragons,” came out in 2011—Martin’s prolific productivity appeared to slow down. The Winds of Winter, the sequel, has not yet been published after more than ten years, the longest time between novels in Martin’s career, despite his intermittent updates to readers about his progress on it. Fans of “Game of Thrones” have been understandably frustrated by the lengthy wait, even though it is typical for novelists to spend many years creating new work.

That Is a Very Poetic Way to State that You Do Not Have Finished Work.

That is a rather poetic way to explain you don’t have finished work. Martin did, nonetheless, give us some indication of what to anticipate from “The Winds of Winter,” most notably by suggesting that it will diverge significantly from the HBO series.

George R.R. Martin Teases New Game of Thrones Book Will Be "Quite Different" From the Series

“The Winds of Winter” Will Diverge Significantly from The Hbo Series, According to George R. R. Martin.

“The Winds of Winter” will diverge significantly from the HBO series, according to George R. R. Martin. The author continued in his blog post, “I’m getting away from the television show more and more because of my gardening. Yes, THE WINDS OF WINTER has some of the elements from the HBO series GAME OF THRONES (though maybe not in quite the same ways).

George R.R. Martin Teases New Game of Thrones Book Will Be "Quite Different" From the Series

But a large portion of the remainder will be very different.” Some admirers are probably really relieved by the revelation. Notably, the HBO series took its own creative liberties when Martin’s previous books ran out of material, resulting in a final season that left many “Game of Thrones” fans utterly unsatisfied.

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Martin Claimed that The Differences Between the Tv Show and The Novels Are to Blame for The Discrepancy.

Martin claimed that because the novels are a distinct species from the TV show, there is a deviation. “Compared to the series, the novels are substantially larger and more sophisticated. In the books, certain events that occurred on HBO won’t occur. Furthermore, the opposite is true.”

George R.R. Martin Teases New Game of Thrones Book Will Be "Quite Different" From the Series

Martin also hinted at the introduction of new characters as well as the sudden demise of existing ones. “Not every character from Game of Thrones who lived to the end will also live to the end of A Song of Ice and Fire, and not every Game of Thrones character who died will also die in A Song of Ice and Fire. (Yes, some will. Of course. possibly most. But clearly not all) ((Of course, I might change my mind again the following week when I finish the chapter. That is gardening.”

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