Noah Cyrus Claims that She Was “So Far Gone” While Abusing Xanax and Percocet in The Past


According to Noah Cyrus, who is speaking out about her past drug usage, her first time taking Xanax was with artist and ex-boyfriend Lil Xan.

In an interview with Rolling Stone that was published on Tuesday, July 5, she stated, “It just kind of becomes this dark pit, bottomless abyss.”

The 22-year-old “Lonely” singer claimed that when she was 18 years old, her ex introduced her to the downer medication as a method for the two of them to “connect” and become closer. When she was in a bad place in her life, Noah wanted to use the drugs that her friends and family were doing.

“I guess my goal was to blend in with him. “I wanted to do what he wanted, what he felt was cool, and what I believed everyone else was doing,” she admitted. It was over as soon as I had the impression that I could temporarily block everything out and dull your suffering.

During the 2020 coronavirus pandemic

She slept till late at night and had no idea what day of the week it was, the “July” artist’s connection with benzodiazepines became out of control.

When she began nodding off in the middle of an interview in May 2020 to promote her single “The End of Everything,” things took a sharp turn. I was so out of it that I couldn’t even keep my head up or keep my eyes open, she recalled, adding, “I was just dropping out and falling asleep.”

Noah Cyrus Claims that She Was "So Far Gone" While Abusing Xanax and Percocet in The Past

It wasn’t until later that she realized she needed support for her drug usage, though. After her grandmother passed away in August 2020, Noah stated that she regrets to this day not having said her final goodbyes because she was too far gone and emotionally and intellectually numb.

“Physically, I was there, but emotionally, I wasn’t. She remarked, “I couldn’t be. The singer of “I Burned L.A. Down” said, “I was sitting alone, and I was afraid, and I realized that all the people that I love and all the people that I need, I was the one pushing them away.”

Noah has been transparent about her use of narcotics

Even in the lyrics of her songs. In May, Noah Cyrus made her single “Mr. Percocet” available. In it, she sang about her experience. After posting the song’s music video on Twitter, the Tennessee native was incredibly open with her fans about her struggle.

It’s been more than a year since I stopped using the prescribed painkillers at the end of December 2020. I can now see how worrying my conduct was in the past, especially during quarantine, she said in a lengthy Twitter thread at the time. I suppose that by explaining what has been happening, I may give some perspective for what has been happening and express my gratitude for everyone’s support.

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