Patrick Mendes’ 90-Day Fiancee Thais Ramone Threatens (recap) Latest Updates


On 90 Day Fiance Season 9, Episode 12, the couples are feeling the strain as deadlines approach.
Patrick tells his brother all about the Vegas trip, which prompts John to confront Thais about what she hasn’t told her dad.
There are more issues with Biniyam to deal with because Ariela is concerned about her fertility. Is it appropriate for them to tie the knot?

Bilal and Shaeeda’s Trip to Atlanta Was Tense, and Shaeeda Wants to De-Escalate the Tension.

For the first time ever, Jibri seeks the counsel of his fiercest grandmother Miona after repeatedly belittling her.
Guillermo‘s brother died, and Kara can’t magically fix things for him, but she can cheer him up and compromise with him.

Thais Ramone Threatens Patrick Mendes on 90 Day Fiance (Recap)

Finally, Mohamed’s reaction to Yvette’s bad news is less than positive. A new sponsor is on his mind. What?

In the Wake of Two Events, Patrick Is Still in The State of Shock.

These two are back from Vegas, but Patrick is still reeling from the events of two days earlier. In one instance, Thais revealed that her father had no idea that they were engaged. Second, she tried to please everyone by holding a last-minute wedding in a Las Vegas wedding chapel.

Patrick explains the current state of affairs to his brother John and a mutual friend, Wagner. At least part of that can be seen as a good thing since their relationship has improved significantly since the Thais left Brazil. Because she knows where he is, he is free to go out and have a drink with his buddies. Pat had cheated on his Thai girlfriend, so they had no reason to be paranoid about his commitment. When it comes to trust, they’re in a better position now.

Thais’ Father Likes Patrick, Patrick Believes, But

Despite the fact that her father has a negative view of American men and believes that Patrick is essentially engaging in sex tourism with Thai women, Patrick claims that he and her father have shared meals and beers and that he even bought him a gift for Father’s Day.

Thais Ramone Threatens Patrick Mendes on 90 Day Fiance (Recap)

Despite the fact that Thais’ revelation has caused him some concern, he nevertheless believes that everything is fine.

To All Their Worries, Patrick Promises to Tell Her Father About Their Engagement Ahead of Time.

They both predict that he’ll be too dickmatized (if not in so many words) to maintain that boundary with his fiancée and neither John nor Wagner seem to believe him.

Thais Ramone Threatens Patrick Mendes on 90 Day Fiance (Recap)

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When John Confronts Thais, Things Get Heated.

John confronts his brother’s fiancee in the kitchen about not telling her father about the engagement. While it’s true that everyone’s relationship with their parents is unique, he seems to share Patrick’s predicament of being unable to imagine doing so.

Back Off, You Jerk!

Despite the fact that she laments John’s intrusion and interruption of her dinner preparations in the confessional, Thais is too polite to say as much to him in the actual kitchen.

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