R. Kelly Sues Prison for ‘pure Punitive Reasons’ After Being Placed on Suicide Watch: Lawyer

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This week, R. Kelly was sentenced to 30 years in prison for federal racketeering and sex trafficking charges and placed on suicide watch.

For “pure punitive reasons,” Kelly’s lawyer Jennifer Bonjean said in a statement released to PEOPLE on Friday, the decision to place her client on suicide watch was made in violation of his Eighth Amendment rights.

It’s been revealed that Robert Sylvester Kelly, the disgraced R&B singer now being held at the MDC Brooklyn detention centre in Brooklyn, has filed suit against the facility, claiming that his detention is a “cruel and unusual punishment” because he isn’t suicidal.

As Part of Its practice, Mdc Regularly Subjected High-Profile Individuals to Its Harsh

In Bonjean’s words to PEOPLE, “MDC has a policy of placing high-profile individuals under the harsh conditions of suicide watch whether they are suicidal or not.

R. Kelly Sues Prison After Being Placed on Suicide Watch for 'Purely Punitive Reasons': Lawyer

“Students at MDC Brooklyn are being treated like prisoners in a gulag. During our conversation with Mr Kelly following his sentencing, he expressed his concern that despite the fact he was not suicidal, MDC would place him on suicide watch (as they did following the guilty verdict) “she went on to say. MDC Brooklyn has been sued by us.

Suicide Watch Is Solitary Confinement that Is so Brutal.

Bonjean argues in court documents that a state of confinement known as suicide watch “can and does cause serious mental harm” to non-suicidal inmates.

When a prisoner files a complaint, they claim that they are “typically placed in a single cell without bed rails and offered no items of comfort” and that they are “thoroughly stripped of their clothing and underwear.”

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It’s Not Uncommon for Them to Be Unable to Wash Their Hair or Shave Because of Their Financial Situation.

“They lack the resources to bathe or shave, and in some cases, they can’t even buy toilet paper. No utensils are provided with meals, so inmates are forced to eat by hand. In the absence of family or other confidantes, they must rely on their own judgement “The complaint alleges. “Of course, prison officials keep an eye on them around the clock. Ironically, people on suicide watch’ aren’t even offered mental health treatment.”

R. Kelly Sues Prison After Being Placed on Suicide Watch for 'Purely Punitive Reasons': Lawyer

When asked about Kelly’s detention by PEOPLE, a Bureau of Prisons representative at MDC Brooklyn said they couldn’t comment.

“The Bureau of Prisons (BOP) does not provide information about the conditions of confinement or internal security practises for any particular inmate,” a statement from the BOP to PEOPLE stated.

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