RHONJ’s Jackie Goldschneider Discusses Season 13 Cast Rumors & Spills on Teresa Giudice’s Wedding with Season 13 Cast Members Including


After Frank Catania, the ex-husband of Dolores Catania’s co-star Jackie Goldschneider hinted at her likely demotion to “friend-of” in a recent interview, suspicions about Jackie Goldschneider’s Housewife status have surfaced online as season 13 production gets underway.
Despite not being able to confirm or refute the reports, Jackie exclusively revealed to E! News that she is now “filming all the time.”
She said, “I filmed yesterday, I’m filming tomorrow, and I’m filming all week.” Even if Bravo’s decisions can be made at the last minute, “no matter what Bravo chooses, I go into filming doing exactly the same thing that I have for the past five years,” she continues.

According to Jackie, “I’m Totally Okay with Anything Because It’s Out Of My Control.” Jackie

‘I’m genuinely okay with anything because it’s out of my hands,’ Jackie said afterward. I’m not sure what their final decision will be in this regard. But whatever they decide, I don’t mind.”

As much speculation as there has been over Jackie‘s possible Housewife title, she has been kept busy with preparations for her co-star Teresa Giudice’s imminent wedding.

RHONJ 's Jackie Goldschneider Addresses Season 13 Cast Rumors & Spills on Teresa Giudice's Wedding

Although Teresa and I have had our share of bumps in the road, I sincerely want her to find happiness, the 45-year-old told E! News. My favorite time of the year is during a wedding. Beautiful, in my opinion.

Luis “Louie” Ruelas, Teresa’s Fiancé, Was Also a Big Fan of Jackie’s Affection.

While on the subject of Teresa, Jackie displayed her admiration for her future husband-to-be, Luis “Louie” Ruelas.

Louie and everyone else “enjoys Louie and I think it’s very lovely to watch their connection come full circle,” she continued. When she was single, we witnessed her meet him and their courtship—so seeing her get married is exciting.”

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There is no telling who else will be there when Teresa walks down the aisle next month in New Jersey, according to Jackie, who spoke to E! News. Real-life celebrity said she was not privy to everyone’s invitation: “But, you never know.”

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