Son of Anne Heche Disputes Legality of The Will

A well-produced by Anne Heche’s ex-partner has been challenged by the actress’s son.

Since the star’s death in a vehicle accident in August, Homer Laffoon — whose father is the late actress’ ex-husband Coleman Laffoon — has been in a battle with James Tupper, and he has now filed a nine-page addition to his previous plea to acquire control of his mother’s estate.

According to the new filings, Anne’s 20-year-old daughter claims James’ 2011 assertion that a document names him as an administrator of Anne’s estate is not genuine because the document does not bear the actress’s signature and was not seen by two people.

People Magazine Has Uncovered Documents that State

“Mr. Tupper repeatedly describes the email that was included with the Objection as a “will.” However, legally speaking, an email cannot be considered either a holographic will or a valid, witnessed the will.

“Because the email lacks the handwriting of the Decedent on its main clauses, it cannot be considered a genuine holographic will under applicable law. Wills that are signed and otherwise written entirely by the testator is considered holographic wills, regardless of whether or not they are witnessed.

son of anne heche disputes legality of the will

“Since neither the signature nor the material elements of the email Mr. Tupper submitted to the Court as the “will” of the Decedent are in the handwriting of the Decedent, it does not fit the conditions for a valid holographic will. Because neither the Decedent nor any two witnesses signed the email during the Decedent’s lifetime, the email does not meet the legal requirements for a valid formal witnessed will.”

The forms further state that “no nomination of an executor” or selection of an executor is possible in the absence of a legal will.

Because the executor “is designated to administer an estate pursuant to a valid will,” this position is crucial. Since their mother’s passing, Homer has been trying to get in touch with his half-brother, Atlas Heche Tupper, who is 13. He has accused James, 57, of sabotaging these efforts.

As for James’s own concerns about Homer’s “suitability” to serve as administrator, the student called several of them “inaccurate and false,” such as the allegation that Homer was “estranged from his mother at the time of her death.”

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