Stars of “90 Day Fiance: Love in Paradise” Mark and Key Were Married, Divorced, and Now Live Independent Lives

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A quick time frame! The stars of 90 Day Fiancé: Love in Paradise, Mark Truzzolino and Key Elisa Bukschtein, were wed but later separated and divorced, In Touch exclusively confirms.

According to divorce documents that In Touch has received exclusively

Mark, 39, and Key, 35, wed on October 25, 2021. On December 15, 2021, Mark submitted the application in Orange County, California, but he placed the date of their divorce as December 9, less than two months after they had been married. During their brief marriage, they had no children under the age of 18 and no shared assets or obligations. Both Mark and Key forfeited their right to the other’s spousal or conjugal support. Mark and Key were both residents of California at the time the file was made. On June 17, their divorce became official as the in-touch channel to receive divorce documents.

Stars of "90 Day Fiance: Love in Paradise" Mark and Key Were Married, Divorced, and Now Live Independent Lives

After both of them, earlier this year deleted or archived every image of the other from their individual Instagram sites, the couple gave rise to divorce rumors. By October 2021, the pair appeared to be happy together, and Key even uploaded a cute picture of herself with Mark on a trip to Big Bear. She admitted that she was based in Huntington Beach, the city where Mark was born, at the time.

The Californian and the Argentinean appear to have been living separately

Since their separation in December, nevertheless. While Key’s social media posts have all been geotagged in Miami, Florida since February, Mark’s social media activity indicates that he is still based in Huntington Beach.

On the Discovery+ offshoot Love in Paradise:

In the Caribbean’s first season, Mark and Key made their 90-Day Fiancé franchise debut. They stated in their introduction that their initial encounter took place nine years ago in Bocas del Toro, Panama. She was staying there as a guest during the time Mark was employed at a hostel. Following a wild night of dancing, they bonded and enjoyed a brief relationship for two weeks before Key left for Argentina. Key revealed to Mark that she would be enrolling in an outpatient substance abuse program after a protracted fight with ketamine addiction.

He relocated to Argentina from Panama and helped her get better. Unfortunately, they ran into problems because of the language barrier—Mark didn’t know Spanish, and Key didn’t speak English—and because they were living with her family. After six months of dating, they broke up, and Mark went back to the United States. Key contacted Mark and they reconciled eleven months before they began filming season 1 in 2021.

Mark exclaimed in his confessional, “We picked up just where we left off.”

They revived their romance on the show and they chronicled Mark’s journey to Panama to see Key. Key was insistent that she did not want to migrate to California, and Mark did not want to go to Panama, thus their future together appeared dubious. However, by the season finale, Key had made up her mind to make the major move to the United States in order to give their relationship a chance. Sadly, it doesn’t look like they had a happy ending.

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