Stranger Things Star Sadie Sink admitted to ‘laughing Hysterically’ when She First Saw Vecna on Set

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When Sadie Sink first saw Jamie Campbell Bower dressed as Vecna on the set of “Stranger Things” season 4, she busted out laughing.

Max Mayfield has been played by Sink

The second season of Netflix’s smash supernatural thriller “Stranger Things” began in 2017. Two more episodes of Stranger Things were published on July 1 to conclude the fourth season.

Jamie Campbell Bower, who plays Vecna, had met Sadie Sink before the outbreak but she had no idea what his malevolent form would look like until she saw him on set to film a confrontation between their characters.

It was Sink’s first encounter with him that made her giggle “uncontrollably.” “It’s impossible not to laugh out loud at this point. In other words, do you see how naive I was? I was terrified, but interested, and feeling so many different feelings that my laughing spilled out of my mouth.”

Stranger Things Star Sadie Sink admitted to 'laughing Hysterically' when She First Saw Vecna on Set

While Upside Down, where the series’ monster adversaries originate, is known for its slimy, vine-based look, Vecna fits right in with that as well. An insider previously revealed that Bower employed prosthetics to acquire his look rather than using computer-generated imagery.

Instagram users were treated to a documentary of Bower getting into costume, which the actor told The Hollywood Reporter took more than seven hours.

Vecna Bower was so convincing and believable

Sink said, that she “forgot there was a human” beneath. There were other actors on set who had similar reactions to Vecna. Millie Bobby Brown, who plays Eleven on the show, “broke down” when she first met Bower on set, according to Bower, who spoke to Variety.

During a Vulture interview, Sink said that

He had met Jamie in person when looking at Vecna. “Before I even saw his face, I could hear him speak. “Oh my gosh, is that Jamie?” I yelled out. ‘Is this a sick joke?’ Under all of his garb, I could only see his face.” The fourth season of “Stranger Things” has begun.

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