Stunning Performance by Lady Gaga at The Wedding of Multimillionaire Alan Howard

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Over the past few years, Lady Gaga has performed in a variety of venues and personas. The “Bad Romance” singer entered the acting scene with an award-winning performance in the movie House Of Gucci, despite the fact that she is obviously most known for her singing. However, it appears that on June 26, when Lady Gaga played at a billionaire’s wedding, she completely experimented with a different kind of stage.

Lady Gaga sang for the pair on their big day in Lake Como, Italy

Where billionaire hedge fund mogul Alan Howard wed Caroline Byron on Sunday, June 26. According to The Independent, Gaga reportedly received over $1 million for attending the wedding, so it appears to have cost them a hefty sum.

A friend of the bride and wedding guest named Victoria Silvstedt shared a number of videos and images of the “Paparazzi” singer’s performance on social media to give fans a glimpse into the day. The model posted clips of Gaga wearing a stunning diamond-encrusted gown and successfully flaunting a platinum blonde hairstyle and bright red lip.

Stunning Performance by Lady Gaga at The Wedding of Multimillionaire Alan Howard

The diva Lady gaga was shown in a different Silvstedt video performing on a piano while wearing a strapless black velvet dress. This shows that she can draw attention to herself no matter what venue she performs.

Other wedding guests allegedly included Pixie Lott and her new husband Oliver Cheshire

There is only one Lady Gaga, which was appropriately followed by the queen emoji in the title of the video. The lavish ceremony was held at Villa Olmo and decorated with weddings. The couple got married earlier this month and had a wedding celebration. Lott appeared to be wearing an outfit that was well-suited for the warm weather—a turquoise v-neck dress with frills and a small belt with sparkling accents. Her date was dressed tastefully in a maroon suit and black bow tie.

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