The Fiancee of Olly Murs Helped Him up After the Proposal

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Olly Murs proposed to his now-wife while on one knee, and she had to help him up.

After three years together, the musician, now 38, recently proposed to bodybuilder and personal trainer Amelia Tank, but he said the process wasn’t as easy as he had thought.

I did get down on one knee, but the only slightly humiliating thing was that she had to help me up following my recent knee operation,” he said in the Bizarre column of The Sun. We’re so relieved that she said yes nevertheless.

Olly further disclosed that he and his future wife plan to get married sometime during the summer of 2019. He proposed, “We’d like to have the wedding next summer. We just got engaged in June, so we have only a year to sort it out, which is a challenge.

“But it couldn’t have happened at a better time. There isn’t a single thing wrong with me or Amelia, so the only question was, “How can we make it even better?”

With Amelia’s Assistance, He Said, Choosing the Ring Was a Breeze

Olly Murs admitted, “It was a pricey action to take. It’s safe to say that I’ve never been a jewelry person. Nonetheless, financial gain was not the primary motivation. My goal was to get her the ring she wanted—or at least the ring I thought she wanted—and I was successful, praise be to God, but she did simplify my task.

“I’m sure she saw something on Instagram that inspired her to say, ‘This is the ring. I will only show you this once. It happened one night when we were watching “Bake Off,” and it’s the most important event of my life ever since.

the fiancee of olly murs helped him up after the proposal

I took a screenshot of it, it stuck in my mind, and I was able to track it down in the end. It’s funny that we haven’t brought it up in conversation since then.

My sole request, and what I’ve always made clear to Amelia, is that you accept my proposal. Amelia is someone I am familiar with. She tends to act without thinking things through. Otherwise, she would have popped the question immediately.

“We were on a clifftop down on the south coast with a tonne of her family and her brother taking pictures while I got down on one knee. “Thank goodness I didn’t start rolling; she wouldn’t have been able to catch me.”

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