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The Arrowverse These shows have it all, from epic superhero crossovers to heart-wrenching psychological moments. If you’ve ever wondered how well-versed these shows are in manipulating our emotions, shows like The Flash and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow have proven that they’ve mastered the art of making us either laugh or cry. Show up, then. All of us have been there.

Since its inception in 2007, the CW’s The Flash has been the longest-running Arrowverse task, attracting fans for nearly a decade. Even with over 170 episodes, we can safely say that the show has had its share of heartfelt moments that have had us reaching for the tissues throughout its run. The deaths of beloved characters like HR Wells (Tom Cavanagh) and when Barry (Grant Gustin) travels back in time and saw his mother die yet again, this is one superhero show that has no problem tugging at our heartstrings.

“Death of the Velocity Force” (Season 6, Episode 14)

How many times have we seen heartbreaking scenes between Barry and a version of his mother on this show? As expected, this season 6 episode was no different. This is what Barry discovered in his write-up crisis: that instead of Ramsey having an infection, it was his enhanced speed that made him vulnerable.

As a result, the Velocity Drive slowly but surely dies, and having taken on the form of his mother, Barry was forced to watch his mother die once more. There is a sense of responsibility, but the Velocity Force reassures Barry that they never hold him responsible. Prior to her death

“There Will Be Blood” (Year 6, Episode 4)

Despite the fact that Barry must die in Disaster in order for everyone else to live, the entire team takes it extremely hard. As Barry’s experience made it clear that they were not going to test and rescue him, Cisco (Carlos Valdes) tries unsuccessfully to find a way to prevent him from dying.

10 Episodes From 'The Flash' That Broke Our Hearts

Though Cisco’s promise to save his best friend tugged at our heartstrings, Joe’s was the most heartbreaking (Jesse L. Martin)

“The Runaway Dinosaur” (Season 2, Episode 21)

The final scene of episode twenty was rather depressing. After Jesse and Wally were both knocked unconscious by the blast, Group Flash suffered a serious blow. Barry’s whereabouts were unknown until Cisco picked up on a vibe and recognized him as a living, but trapped, Speed Force prisoner.

For the most part, Barry remained there the entire time. Even though he was confronted by all kinds of men and women, one particular encounter was particularly difficult for Barry to deal with. As Barry’s mother, the Velocity Force informed him that he had to accept his mother’s death. How to proceed is a mystery to me.

“A Flash of the Lightning” (Period 6, Episode 2)

An antimatter disruption barrier violently halts Barry’s progress right after his attempt to travel to the day right after he is said to have vanished in Crisis.

For assistance, Barry goes to Earth-3, where Jay Garrick (John Wesley Shipp) and his wife, who resembles Barry’s mother, are waiting for him.

“Fast More than enough” (Season 1, Episode 23)

What went wrong in this episode that wasn’t heartbreakingly sad? Eobard Thawne threatens to kill Barry’s father and friends after killing him, but Eddie, who is still his ancestor, intervenes and shoots himself, putting an end to Reverse-Flash.

“Out of Time” (Season 1, Episode 15)

He is known as Cisco. She has been a valued member of the Flash team since the beginning. First, Cisco learned that Harrison Wells was Eobard Thawne, and then Thawne explained why he went back in time and why he had returned to that timeline.

“Drop On your own” (Period 4, Episode 18)

While The Thinker ruled Season Four, he tormented the members of Team Flash with his dreadful anguish and chaos.

10 Episodes From 'The Flash' That Broke Our Hearts

Like Ralph, Devoe discovers four of the bus metas in STAR Labs as he continues to search for them (Hartley Sawyer). The Elongated Person is his next target after seizing control of Sector 3.

“Invincible” (Period 2, Episode 22)

We lost one more beloved character clearly in the penultimate episode of Time 2. As if that weren’t enough, Zoom, the season two villain, kidnapped Henry in full view of the crowd. As a result of Cisco’s aura and apparent vision of Earth-2’s demise, confusion erupts within the team.

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“Complete Line” (Year 3, Episode 23)

You know I couldn’t be a coward. “I’m not a coward. It was only as time went on that the words of a male supporter grew to be even more appealing.

Human Resources (HR). On Earth-2, Joe hides Iris from Savitar in the season’s penultimate episode. Following Savitar’s impersonation of Barry, HR unintentionally reveals her location, allowing the villain to locate and kidnap her.

“The Past Temptation of Barry Allen, Portion 1” (Period 6, Episode 7).

In the process of trying to take control of Barry, Ramsey knocks him out cold, leaving him near death. Ramsey uses a variety of methods to emotionally abuse Barry throughout the episode. He manifests a baby Nora in her crib, but he will not be able to keep her alive. Ramsey shows him a room full of graves marked with the names of the dead, and he paints a picture of what life might be like for Iris and their daughter.

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