Try out Hailey Bieber’s Viral “glazed Donut” Nails on Vanessa Hudgens!


As soon as Hailey Bieber debuted her shimmering sheer mani at the 2022 Met Gala, fans rushed to get their hands on the look.
Vanessa Hudgens is the latest celebrity to flaunt the look created by the same talented nail technician.
To prevent the look from being copied, Zolzaya Ganzorigt, a celebrity nail artist in Los Angeles, posted a list of all the products she used to create it shortly after the event.

Since Then, Beauty Experts Have Been Attempting to Duplicate the Nails’ Look.

Since then, there have been more than 7.4 billion views on TikTok devoted to the now-viral trend of nail art.
On the other hand to Bieber’s baby-pink manicure, Hudgens opted for a white opaque manicure using OPI Funny Bunny and OPI Chrome effects in Tin Man Can.

On the same day that Ganzorigt shared photos of the finished project, Bieber appeared on Instagram with glazed nails.

Vanessa Hudgens tries out Hailey Bieber’s viral ‘glazed donut’ nails

“I’m obsessed” with the neon version of Bieber’s glazed nails that Ganzorrigt, 33, posted on Instagram just one day before Hudgen’s Instagram posts of the finished white look. Zola also shared some behind-the-scenes photos with the caption, “When ya nails match ya pearls”

To Get Your Own Version of Zola’s Manicure, All You Need Is to Follow Her Instructions on Instagram.

Ganzorigt, who goes by Zola, told Page Six Style that “Hailey and Vanessa’s nails were the same but different” because “for Hailey’s, it was translucent and I only used one coat of the colour, but on Vanessa, I used exact same colour but two coats, so it gave it a more pearly look.”

You can “ask for a pearlescent chrome nail” from Zola if you want to replicate the look yourself. You can use milky off-white or regular white with clear gel if they don’t have the exact nail polish she used, she said.

Tin Man Is the Chrome Extension She Recommends for Best Results.

There are a few options when it comes to chrome: Tin Man, but if the salon doesn’t have it on hand she recommends “pearlescent chrome powder without any shading effect,” which she says will work just fine.

After the Met Gala, Zola told us she was “really surprised” the trend had taken off. Her inspiration for the look came from Justin Bieber‘s white satin Saint Laurent Saint James gown, which she had seen on the pop star the night before the event.

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How Did We Find out About the Glazed Donut Nail?

Because of the chrome effect’s resemblance to Hailey’s wedding gown, I asked Hailey to try translucent white instead. We discovered glazed doughnut nail polish as a result of Hailey’s “always know what she likes and wants and at the same time is always open to exploring new things” attitude, she explained. Nail artists will tell you that this is their “ideal, dream client.”

Vanessa Hudgens tries out Hailey Bieber’s viral ‘glazed donut’ nails

Zola believes the custom colour is popular because it is “really simple but catches everyone’s eye” and has a “fun twist.” This is something she always tells people: “it looks way better in person.”

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