Was Brit Prawat’s Sudden Brain Bleeding the Result of Alcohol Abuse?

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The other host of the Crime Junkie show, Ashley Flowers, recently tweeted a short note explaining what had occurred to Brit Prawat back in May. According to Ashley, Brit “suddenly bled” in the brain, resulting in a “brain clot” that required multiple operations to remove.

Who Exactly Is Brit Prawat?

what happened to britt from crime junkie

When it comes to the podcast Crime Junkie, Brit Prawat is a regular co-host. According to Crime Junkie, she’s a mom to two young kids and owns two dogs, Niles and Roz.

It was Brit who first turned Ashley Flowers onto podcasts, and her bio on Crime Junkie mentions her time spent working for a private investigator.

Friend and co-host of the Indianapolis-based true crime podcast, Prawat had to take a break in May after experiencing a sudden brain bleed.

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Where Is Crime Junkie’s Brit Now?

The blood clot reportedly caused complications in which Brit required three operations on her brain. Her devoted audience was shocked by the news, which they saw as a sign that she isn’t doing well.

Her co-host on the podcast, Ashley, says that she went to see Brit after the surgery and that she seemed fine. Ashley also used the time she and Brit spent in the hospital to praise Brit’s resilience.

In a recent episode of the podcast, which can be accessed through their website, they discussed this topic. Besides the main characters, there was nothing else in this episode that would be found in a regular video.

Just letting everyone know that Brit is sick. Many people have used social media to express their condolences and hope that the person recovers quickly. Brit has received an outpouring of appreciation and admiration from her devoted fan base.

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Background About the Brit Prawats

what happened to britt from crime junkie

Justin Daniel, Brit’s husband, and she seem to be quite pleased with each other. They’ve been friends since they were in high school. There’s a lot of chemistry between Justin and Brit because they’re both podcasters.

Their closeness makes it all the more tragic that Justin had to witness his wife’s suffering. Their family now includes a son and a daughter. Brit’s experience in private investigations is another reason she is able to offer a more nuanced assessment of the topic at hand.

The hit show Crime Junkie has been the subject of coverage in numerous major publications. The editor of Rolling Stone, Laura Barcella, has said that she loves Crime Junkie. Brit has been resting and is expected to resume its previous level of enthusiasm and dedication upon its return.

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Final Words

After the brain bleeds, Prawat had two brain surgeries and discovered she was very anemic and underweight due to alcohol usage. Prawat said she hid her alcohol consumption from friends and family, including Flowers. Brit Prawat hosts Crime Junkie, a real crime podcast she produced with her closest friend Ashley Flowers.

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