Why Did Graham Wardle Leave Heartland? Ty’s Death: Deeper Meaning?

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Season 14 of the heartwarming Canadian family drama Heartland saw the departure of a prominent character when Graham Wardle made the decision to quit the show to pursue other interests. Wardle decided to leave the show because he wanted to focus more on his own work.

Amy’s mother, Marion (Lisa Langlois), employed Ty Borden (Graham Wardle) as a ranch hand before her sad death, and in Season 1 they meet. Ty is a classic leather-wearing bad boy.

Ty is currently working out his probation at the Heartland ranch, which causes some annoyance on Amy’s part because the first time she encounters him, he is being reprimanded for driving his vehicle too aggressively near the animals.

Part of what has kept Heartland on the air for so long is the compelling transformation of their relationship from antagonists to lovers.

On Heartland, How Does Ty Borden End up Dying?

what happened to ty on heartland

Heartland Season 13’s finale, titled “The Passing of the Torch,” depicts Amy and Ty dodging a stray bullet fired by a poacher.

Amy takes only a little wound to her shoulder because of Ty’s quick thinking and brave efforts. A nurse informs Ty after he has rushed his girlfriend to the hospital that he, too, has been shot.

A blood clot caused by the gunshot kills Ty Borden. While walking Spartan back to the barn in the premiere episode of Season 14 of Heartland, titled “Keep Me in Your Heart,” he passes out.

Amy and Spartan are working to tame a wild colt when tragedy strikes in this terrible episode. Jack and Amy rush over to where Ty is lying as soon as he goes down, but it’s too late.

Ty died from a pulmonary embolism in the premiere episode of season 14. His death was a terrible shock to Amy and his legion of followers. They had a child together, Lyndy, and now Amy is on her own with her care. Season 15 shows her finally letting go of the past and living in the here and now, ready to take on whatever the future may bring.

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Is There a Deeper Meaning Behind Ty’s Demise?

After 13 seasons of overcoming many obstacles, we were shocked by the sudden death of such a pivotal character.

Actor Graham Wardle, who plays Ty, left the show to pursue other interests. After 14 years of his life on the show, he decided to take a vacation from performing.

Because of this, the creators were forced to comply with his request and end the character’s story. The actor had already requested time off from the series. Ty goes to Mongolia at the beginning of Season 10, and we don’t see him again until Episode 17.

When Asked if He Misses Heartland, Does Graham Wardle Say that He Does or Not?

Last year, Wardle told the Canadian Press that he had left Heartland because he “felt it was in my heart to move on.” But since then, he hasn’t really shared his thoughts on the show with us.

Although we can’t be sure, we can guess that he feels sad about having to leave the show. Leaving behind a role you’d played for 13 years must have been challenging.

However, the actor claimed that his choice was irrevocable and that he had given it much thought over the course of many years before eventually acting on it. Apparently, he has no grounds for remorse.

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How Long Is Season 16 of “Heartland?”

The number of new episodes of Heartland that aired between seasons 13 and 15 decreased. Seasons of 18 episodes were the norm for many years, although the last three had only 10. Season 16 fills in the time gap and features 15 new episodes for viewers.

The show’s main production company has responded to fans’ demands for more content by creating this. A commendable firm would be one that values its customers’ opinions this much. Everyone’s a winner, especially the diehards.

Heartland has a massive cast and is the seventh most-watched show on streaming services in 2021, so it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. If current trends continue, the show may perhaps reach season 20.


We couldn’t believe how such a pivotal character for the program died suddenly after enduring far more tough circumstances over the course of 13 seasons. Graham Wardle opted to depart Heartland to pursue other interests. Wardle believed it was time to move on from acting and devote more time to his own projects after 14 seasons on the show.

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