What Motivated Kelly Osbourne to Enter a Rehabilitation Facility? Singer Admits It!

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Kelly Osbourne discussed the factors that prompted her to return to treatment and how doing so altered the course of her life. The 37-year-old singer admitted that she relapsed into drug use after appearing on the chat show “Red Table Talk” in 2021.

On Wednesday’s broadcast, Osbourne praised Pinkett Smith and Norris for their support.

To quote Osbourne, as reported by ETonline: “I just want to tell you guys, coming on this program the last time helped me in my life so much — it’s going to make me weep — because I got honest because I felt comfortable.” After that, I chose to return to treatment, and it completely altered my outlook on life.

what motivated kelly osbourne to enter a rehabilitation facility? singer admits it!

The singer continued by saying that her “dreams have come true” and expressing gratitude to both hosts. I’m serious,” she emphasized. “Whoo!!! Apologies, I realize I sound hormonal.”

Osbourne announced her pregnancy on the show, and she is having her first child with her musician boyfriend, Sid Wilson.

Osbourne went on to say that the reason they felt comfortable enough to open up to them was that they provided a secure platform for others to do the same. “I did that, and it was quite therapeutic for me. A domino effect ensued. Since I told myself, “I want to be the person I was on Red Table every day,” I became that person.”

Norris Uploaded the Segment from Wednesday’s Show to Instagram

The singer also stated during the interview that she will not be breastfeeding her child and that she plans to continue taking medicine.

Her decision to continue taking her medicine rather than breastfeed was met with “wild” criticism from her social circle.

When asked why she was still taking her medicine, Osbourne remarked, “‘Don’t you think I know that?’ I said. When I think about the kind of mother I’d be if I started acting destructively, I shudder.”

She continued, saying that she “can’t pay heed” to everyone’s opinion and that she has to think that her decisions have to be what’s best for her and the kid.

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