Why Scott Disick Stayed In Miami And Not Be With The Children During Travis Barker’s Health Concern

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Scott Disick stayed in Miami, away from his children with Kourtney Kardashian, after Travis Barker experienced a public health crisis. Here is why.

Kourtney Kardashian, his 43-year-old new wife, was by his side in the hours after Travis Barker’s terrifying experience with acute pancreatitis on June 28. There was no sign of her three children’s father, 39-year-old Scott Disick, who is the father of Mason, 12, Penelope, 10, and Reign, 7. The reason for this, according to a close friend of Scott, is that he was always available to speak with their children while he was in Miami and knew they were already in good hands.

According to a close friend of the reality star

Who spoke exclusively to HollywoodLife, “Scott will always put his kids first and he will always make sure that they are taken care of and are in good hands.” Since Scott conducts a lot of business in Miami, he was there when Travis was hospitalized and had a few work-related commitments. When Kourtney jumped to be by Travis’s side, the children had already been given to Kris and Kourtney’s sisters, who were happy to look after them and make sure they were okay. It was the same as usual for Scott to talk to his kids all day.

Why Scott Disick Stayed In Miami And Not Be With The Children During Travis Barker's Health Concern

Further remarks from a different source-verified Scott’s belief that his children were in capable care and his desire to respect Kourt’s time with her children. They revealed EXCLUSIVELY to HollywoodLife that Scott is aware that the kids are always surrounded by a community.

At the drop of a hat

Scott would always put everything else aside to be there for his children. Children and Kourtney are aware of this. The insider told HL that if Scott had been required to be there in this circumstance, he would have been. But since Kourtney was spending time with the children and was aware that Scott was away, she contacted her relatives out of the blue. Like he always is, he would have been more than pleased to be there. Despite the fact that not much remained to be done, he is relieved to hear that Travis is making progress toward recovery.

After being hospitalized for an unexpected six days, Travis, 46, was later discharged

The heated bond between Kourtney and Travis, meantime, has apparently caused Scott some difficulty. During a Kardashian’s confessional from the first season of the Hulu series, he expressed concern that he would be effectively “pushed out” of the family. Additionally, he reportedly found the three weddings of Kourtney and Travis to be difficult. In May, a source told HL EXCLUSIVELY that the saddest part of everything was that, while he attempts to move on, he must relive Kourtney’s wedding three times. It appears as though the man is repeatedly going through his greatest nightmare.

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