3rd Suspect On Killing Run-DMC Jam Member 20 Years Ago Was Arrested.

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Master Jay, a member of run-DMC Jam, killed over 20 years ago, suspect was arrested identified as Jay Bryant, 49 Years Of Age. Bryant Was Seen Entering The Star’s Studio And His DNA Was Also Found At The Scene.


master jay
3rd Suspect On Killing Run-DMC Jam Member 20 Years Ago Was Arrested. (Photo: Wikipedia)

Master Jay’s Death: Justice Served.

Jay Mizell also known as Master Jay, the founding member of the Hip-Hop group Run-DMC Jam, was killed over 20 years ago in his studio. Three suspects were identified as Ronald Washington and Karl Jordan Jr., who was charged in 2020 and Jay Bryant on Tuesday.

Mizell’s death is what they called drug deal gone wrong. Bryant was seen entering in his studio the night Mizell died, and his DNA was found at the scene, he was already in custody and charged with unrelated federal drug cases.


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According to court document, the three were seen entering the studio and fled after the shooting. César de Castro, Bryant’s attorney said that he just learnt the charges against his client. Mizell’s death has been a cold case for many years, although witnesses are available but hesitant to speak up despite the reward money.


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