Albert Pujols Net Worth: Look at His Personal Life, Career, and More Updates in 2022

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Albert Pujols, better known as “The Machine,” is a Dominican-American professional baseball player who currently plays for the St. Louis Cardinals of the MLB. As one of the most accomplished hitters of his generation, his achievements are widely recognized. Throughout the course of his professional baseball career, he has been a member of a number of different organizations. Albert, the Cardinals’ first baseman and batter, has played in 11 MLB seasons with the franchise and nine with the Los Angeles Angels.

As one of the game’s oldest active players, Albert Pujols is revered as a living legend. His accomplishments include ten All-Star selections, three MVP awards in the National League, and two World Series championships. Albert is one of just four players in MLB history with at least 3,000 batters batted in and 600 home runs hit. He has 2,000 RBIs. As of 2022, this legend will have a net worth of $170 million dollars and a salary of $28 million dollars.

What is Albert Pujols’ Net Worth and Salary?

Professional baseball player Albert Pujols has a net worth of $170 million. It has been largely accepted that Pujols has been one of the best hitters and most consistent players in the MLB since he made his debut. In addition to his three MVP awards, 10 All-Star selections, and two World Series championships, Albert has racked up an impressive resume in the National League.

A Brief Biography of Albert Pujols

Albert’s father Bienvenido was a softball pitcher, thus Albert followed in his footsteps. In 1996, he moved to New York City with his family and attended Fort Osage High School, where he played baseball. When he graduated from high school in 1998, Maple Woods Community College offered him a scholarship to attend the institution.

albert pujols net worth

St. Louis Cardinals offered Albert $600,000 in bonuses before he signed a contract with the team. April 2nd marked the date of his debut. Finishing with an incredible 93.61% winning percentage, the Cardinals qualified for the playoffs. Midway through the season, Albert became the team’s standout. At this time he got numerous honors, including the “Most Valuable Player (MVP)” voted on by the fans. In 2004, he re-signed with the Cardinals for another seven-year, $100 million contract.

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Albert Pujols Endorsements

Although he is best known for his baseball accomplishments, he has also played a significant role in a number of business ventures. A number of high-profile brands have signed Albert Pujols to endorsement deals. These include Nike and Beats By Dre. A $3 million endorsement deal was inked in 2007 by him to promote Nike’s footwear, batting gloves, wrist bands, and other accessories. At the end of 2019, he had $700,000 in revenue from his Nike endorsements.

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Life in The Earlier Years

The Dominican Republic-born Pujols was born on January 16, 1980, in Santo Domingo. Aside from his grandparents and uncles and aunts, he was raised primarily by his mother. While Bienvenido Pujols was an accomplished softball player, the elder Pujols had a history of alcoholism. With limes and a milk carton for a glove, Albert honed his baseball skills as a child. In 1996, he and his father and grandmother moved to New York City. Pujols observed a gunshot at a convenience store shortly after arriving, causing the family to move to Independence, Missouri, where they have since settled down.

Major League Baseball (MLB) Career

The St. Louis Cardinals drafted Albert 402nd in the 1999 MLB draught. He signed with the Cardinals and played one season in the minors after taking a $60,000 signing bonus. Albert was promoted to the Cardinals’ major league team in 2001. He hit 37 home runs in his debut season, earning him the title of National League Rookie of the Year. Despite being knocked out of the playoffs in the first round, the Cardinals managed to make it to the postseason.

albert pujols net worth

In 2002, Pujols concluded the season ranked among the top 10 in the National League in virtually every measurable batting category. First in big league history to have at least 30 home runs, 100 RBI, and 100 runs scored in his first two seasons with a batting average over.300. He came in second place in the league MVP poll. Although they reached the 2002 National League Championship Series, the squad was defeated by the San Francisco Giants.

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The Wife of Albert Pujols

Deidre Pujols, Albert’s wife, is a model and actress. It was a chance meeting at a random nightclub that led to a mutual attraction between the two people. Soon after, the two of them realized they had something special in them, and they began dating. Deidre disclosed that she was a single mother of a child with Down syndrome during their time together.

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