‘Amber Heard v Johnny Depp’ Has Been Transformed Into a Legal Battle By Tik Tok


It’s hard to believe how many people have been making TikToks, writing YouTube comments, and live-tweeting the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard trial this week — and even corporations are joining in on the action.’

A Virginia courtroom is currently hearing Depp’s defamation suit against Heard, who has claimed in published statements that Depp was aggressive and abusive during their relationship.

Lawyer Elaine Bredehoft alleged on day one that Johnny Depp had hit and kicked Amber Heard during a three-day blackout in Australia. Depp claims that the charges are untrue and that he has lost film and other employment chances as a result of them.

What are people analyzing about the trial?

There are millions of people who are analyzing every word and acting as online jurors during the trial. Depp’s fan base looks to be a mix of OG actor admirers, Harry Potter stans, and true crime fans, hence the content seems to be heavily skewed in his favor. Many of the real crime stories are devoted to a pair of brothers who were convicted of murdering their parents in the 1990s and have recently re-emerged on TikTok. The Potterheads have joined the mix after seeing him in two of the Fantastic Beasts films.

Most people aren’t taking into account the fact that this is a real-life situation involving a real-life couple, Heard and Depp. Even if we don’t know the complete truth about what transpired between them, we know that these are two individuals who had a tumultuous, volatile relationship, and now their most intimate moments are being mined for tweets, memes, and hashtags.

Johnny Depp and Amber heard

It’s not the first time that fans and self-proclaimed investigators have dug through the personal lives of celebrities in search of clues. With those who are obsessed with the Kardashians, Taylor Swift conspiracies, or the Gabby Petito case, we see this all the time in our daily lives.

There is a huge difference in the number of views a video with the #JusticeForAmberHeard hashtag gets on TikTok compared to one with the #JusticeForJohnnyDepp hashtag, which has over 5 billion views. More than 7 million engagements (likes and shares) have been made on Facebook this week by people using the hashtag for Johnny Depp, yet just 16 posts have been made by people using it for Eddie Heard.

What People have accused Johnny Depp’s clothing?

Many Depp admirers have taken to social media to fight back against what they see as false rumors about the actor. People have accused Heard of mimicking Johnny Depp’s clothing and faking her eyesight when she wore spectacles after not wearing them the day before, for example. Theoretically, Heard’s lawyer is a Depp lover who is deliberately trying to make Heard appear bad.

The “Amber Turd” meme and the hashtag #MePoo trended on Twitter after Depp testified about finding excrement on his side of the bed last week. That spoof hashtag trend must have been horrifying for anyone who has come forward with stories of sexual harassment and abuse as part of the #MeToo movement.

When it comes to Amber Heard‘s supporters on TikTok, one of the most popular videos is a clip from the trial in which Johnny Depp allegedly texted, “Let’s burn Amber!!!”

Johnny Depp

Internet attention has focused on a portion of Heard’s attorney’s opening statement that was brought to light by a cosmetics company, also via TikTok: For the duration of her connection with Johnny Depp, Bredehoft carried a makeup set known as a correction kit, which he displayed to reporters.

During the trial, one Depp supporter noticed that Bredehoft looked to be holding a Milani Cosmetics product.

Created its own trending material from a portion of that video. In it, a person marches to the Backyardigans song while demonstrating that the brand’s correction kit was released in 2017 and that Heard and Depp’s relationship ended in 2016. This was interpreted by Depp supporters as evidence that Heard was fabricating her bruises, given the product in question didn’t exist at the time.

What does Milani’s spokesman tell BuzzFeed News?

It revealed that the product cannot be formally attributed to their company. For us, filming a video was a way to back up claims made by our devoted followers about the product featured in the trial. As they put it, “Milani Cosmetics is not taking a formal stance on the trial, evidence, or the eventual conclusion of the case.”

However, the Milani Cosmetics TikTok account appears to have a different opinion. Comments like “newest Milani model- Johnny Depp” have been liked and replied to by the account.

Malini model

The fact that Bredehoft never mentioned Milani Cosmetics has been completely overshadowed by the din. Heard has learned how to use different colors to disguise bruises depending on their look, she explained. Prior to 2017, there were several other products on the market that claimed to correct skin tone. Milani, however, did not create color correcting.

There was a point where she had to mix the different colors for different days of the bruises, and you’re going to hear testimony from Amber about that, said Bredehoft. The way she would use these to touch up and cover them up as they developed in different colors. “As they were.”

Journalists have been receiving the Milani TikTok from Depp’s PR agent. According to BuzzFeed News, a PR professional claiming to be a “source close to JD” demanded to be identified as such and stated that what the attorney said had been proven false in an email. Milani Cosmetics stated that they were unaware of this.

When Milani posted that TikTok, it became the star of the show and gained the TikTok clout it had been seeking for quite some time. By joining the online hate train aimed at a woman who claims abuse, however, it achieved this goal in the first place

Aside from social media, there has been a lot of face-to-face support for Depp as well. To prevent spectators from making gestures or facial expressions, the judge addressed the court during a recess to announce that no overnight camping would be permitted on courthouse premises.

That hasn’t stopped their admirers from demonstrating their love in innovative ways. An alpaca-loving admirer has been showing up at Johnny Depp’s events, saying she brought them along to cheer him up. Outside the courtroom, Depp supporters can be heard yelling “Witch!” and booing Heard.

fans Johnny Depp

How do Fans Show Their Support for Johnny Depp?

Customers could show their support for Johnny Depp and Amber Heard by leaving tips in the respective tip jars at a Starbucks in Los Angeles. The Depp wallet was stuffed with cash, but the Heard wallet was nearly empty. Summer Canova, a 28-year-old TikTok star who took a video of the jars after discovering them, told BuzzFeed News that they made her coffee break more enjoyable.

As a Johnny Depp fan, “I’m praying that he gets the justice he deserves,” she remarked.

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Are there any Depp supporters?

When Depp fans discovered Canova’s TikTok, it quickly spread over the internet. There are a lot of Johnny supporters in the comments, she noted. It’s inevitable that some people may be offended by this tipping game because it refers to a domestic violence case.

‘Amber Heard v Johnny Depp’

During a court appearance last week, the former couple’s marriage counselor testified that both actors had been abused as children. Fans and brands who turn misery into memorable moments — like a fun game of good vs. evil, trying to figure out who is right and who is wrong, when we know life and relationships are a lot messier than that — are only making things worse for everyone.

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