Amy Winehouse Before and After: Everything You Need to Know

Amy Winehouse was a phenomenal talent whose crazy and all-too-brief career ended nine years ago. On July 23, 2011, the soul singer died of alcohol intoxication, becoming yet another member of the “27 Club.”

But long before this, we saw her rise to stardom and eventual demise due to heartbreak, drugs, and bad judgments.

Amy Winehouse: The Before and After of Drugs and Alcohol

Amy Winehouse‘s childhood dream was to sing. She was raised in the London district of Southgate, the daughter of a cab driver and a pharmacist. Winehouse was bored in school as a child and rebelled against her professors since she was only interested in one subject: music.

amy winehouse before and after

An impoverished girl with enormous ambitions

Amy participated at the acclaimed Sylvia Young Theatre School at the age of 12. In her application, she stated, “I would argue that my school life and school reports are full of ‘could do better and ‘doesn’t give its full potential.” I want to go somewhere that will push me to my boundaries and possibly beyond. To sing in class without being told to stop. But ultimately, I want to be famous. To work on stage. It’s a lifelong ambition. I want people to hear my voice and just forget about their concerns for 5 minutes.

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Amy had skill and ambition

“It’s difficult to emphasize how much she struck me as unique, both as a songwriter and a performer, from the minute she stepped through the door at the age of 13, sporting the same striking hairstyle she has now.” Her abilities might put her in the same league as Judy Garland or Ella Fitzgerald. “She may be one of the greats,” Sylvia Young reflected years later.

Amy was admitted into the school of her choice, where she was able to develop and perfect her natural gift. A career on the rise from a young age Amy Winehouse was only 19 years old when she secured her first record deal. Her debut album “Frank,” released a year later, debuted at number three on the UK charts. Amy not only sang, but she also wrote about her life, particularly her love affairs.

amy winehouse before and after

Critics claimed that Amy was a white woman with a black soul voice. She also drew inspiration from the 1960s, citing Sarah Vaughan, Dinah Washington, and Ella Fitzgerald as role models. The colorful singer also channeled 1970s fashion with her signature beehive haircut and thick eyeliner. Her remarkable success, however, was accompanied by an increasing uneasiness on stage and a fear of playing in front of large audiences.

Perhaps to compensate, she began exploring clubs and pubs after performances, drowning the pressure of performing in booze.

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A Terrible End

Blake Fielder-Civil approached Amy eighteen months after their tragic split, and she couldn’t say no. They married, but their relationship was difficult, and they divorced around two years later in 2009. Winehouse’s career was also halted. She frequently staggered drunkenly on stage, and her once-powerful voice sounded weak and hollow. Audiences booed her. For “health reasons,” her management canceled concerts and full tours.

amy winehouse before and after

But everyone knew Amy Winehouse struggled with drink and drugs. Amy’s health was worsening as a result of her heartbreak and indulgences. Not only did her physical appearance change, but her concerts and activities suffered as well. Her security discovered her dead in her London residence on July 23, 2011. The cause of death was poisoning.

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