Are Jordan and Nia Dating? What’s Happening in Their Relationship in 2022?

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Apparently, Jordan Wiseley has a new love interest. It was revealed in a recent interview that the reality star has begun seeing someone else. View Jordan’s current on-off relationship status by looking at this list.

For a while, Tori Deal was engaged to Jordan. Even though they were in love, it was just for a brief time. There’s no denying that Jordan is open to a new romance. The reality star went into great depth about his newest relationship with his fans and fans of his. According to what supporters had hoped, he did not reveal the most important aspects of what they were expecting.

Who Is Jordan Wiseley’s Girlfriend?

It was revealed in an interview by Jordan that he and Danny Pellegrino were dating. That was the only thing he didn’t reveal. Jordan confirmed that they were dating long-distance.

“Yes,” he said. It’s just that we have a different demographic.” Jordan’s girlfriend’s age didn’t faze Danny when he asked about it. For some reason, Jordan decided that it wasn’t worth dealing with the situation head-on.

Jordan appears to want to keep his romance private following his engagement with Tori. There was a lot of talk about their romance and their separation after they broke up.

Because of this, it’s not surprising that the reality star has kept his present relationship a secret.

While on “The Real World” and “The Challenge,” Jordan Wiseley and Nia Moore were at odds with one another.

Almost soon after entering the Real World: Portland house (2012) Jordan Wiseley and Nia Moore, both then 22, butted heads because she didn’t like the way he spoke to women.

Jordan Wiseley tori deal

Particularly intense interaction with Nia saw Jordan impersonate a chimpanzee in order to get her attention. He spat cereal at her when she dropped a bowl on his bed and he used the “n-word.”

According to Nia’s account on Twitter, Jordan called Nia a “monkey n***a” and accused him of being a “closeted racist” after the incident. Together in 2015, they competed in The Challenge: Battle of the Exes 2

Nia confronted him and his partner just before the finals for breaking their word. She was booted from the show after an altercation in which she inappropriately grabbed him.

Despite Jordan’s earlier inappropriate words being called out by several viewers, Nia stood by him.

To express their support for the Black Lives Matter movement, MTV fired Dee Nguyen and Taylor Selfridge in 2020 because of previous harsh tweets they sent.

Others disagreed with their dismissal, claiming that the network should also hold Jordan responsible for his behavior on The Real World.

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As a result, people started reviving clips from the 2012 argument and urged the network to dismiss him. Responding to her remark, he set up a date for Nia and him to speak live on Instagram in June 2020 to discuss the issues at hand The episode was “painful for both of them,” she said in defending him, adding that they were now friends.

In Nia’s opinion, Jordan’s usage of the “n-word” and mimicking a monkey was not racially motivated. He irritated her, so she decided to go with the story.

Nia Moore

For those who don’t know, Nia Moore is Jordan Wiseley’s girlfriend from The Challenge.

The Real World: Portland, where she played the roommate, has made her a well-known name in the entertainment world.

nia moore

On the latest MTV show, The Challenge, she is also a contestant.

After going viral on Twitter, her relationship with The Challenge co-star Jordan Wiseley became known to the general public.

Since it received attention and criticism from a large number of show followers, it has become a sensation.

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Photo of Nia and Jordan Wiseley Has Been Shared

Seven years after the Challenge event, it appears that Ordan and Nia are still friendly. They had a candid conversation about Tori Deal and his reality TV experience in the current video that Jordan shared. A Real World reunion, which may involve Nia, was previously suggested by Jordan to be an option.

Jordan Wiseley and nia moore relation

He and Nia appear to have started their reunion all on their own, so to speak.

In a heart-shaped emoji and the words “for life!” Nia shared a picture.

Nia receives a kiss from Jordan in this picture (below).

Nia shared a picture of herself with a former castmate on Instagram. Then again, she tacked on a few additional words to her social media posts.

Even in the worst of situations, Nia captioned the photo on Instagram Story, “The love remains real, very proud of us @jordan wisely.”

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