Are Tana and Jeff Dating? Jeff Wittek Reveals How Tana Mongeau Kissed Him

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As of the 24th of June in 1998, Tana Marie Mongeau has been a well-known face on the American internet. She has a YouTube channel where she posts “storytime” videos and other related content.

Tana Mongeau’s parents Rick and Rebecca Mongeau brought her into the world on June 24, 1998, and raised her in Las Vegas.

Tana, on an episode of MTV’s No Filter titled “Tana Turns 21,” said that she had a difficult childhood due to her parent’s lack of parenting abilities.

The “storytime” videos that Mongeau has created have become extremely popular. Someone hacked into Mongeau’s email account and “delivered a bombing and shooting threat to McCarran International Airport,” she wrote on Snapchat on February 10, 2017, prompting an FBI investigation.

How Did Tana Mongeau and Jeff Wittek Come to Have a Passionate Kiss?

And now you know how Tana Mongeau and Jeff Wittek came to kiss each other: The origins of this situation are detailed below. Jeff went to Tana’s house to deliver a box of his just-released hair care products, and the two ended up having a little bit of an awkward encounter.

They lean in for a kiss, and a smooching noise can be heard out in the distance. If you want to know if there was a kiss or not, you’ll have to skip to 5:20 and see the whole thing. Why? Because in my opinion, they were merely acting out the kiss.

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Tana Talked About Kissing on Her Podcast

At this party, I had an intimate encounter with Jeff Wittek. My sole justification for making this claim is that our first kiss was caught on camera. I certainly didn’t anticipate that happening. To give you an example, whenever I see Jeff, I engage in some lighthearted flirtation with him.

And the story unfolds with even greater nuance. And he f*cking showed up to my party, I despise being in this situation even as I say this. Because he plans on seeing this video right now. Never in a million years did I think Jeff would kiss me, much less several times in quick succession. I mean, you must realize what I’m getting at.

are tana and jeff dating

Uh oh!! Tana, given your track record, I think we’d all appreciate seeing photographic proof of you kissing the extremely attractive Jeff Wittek.

Then he walked up and was all, “I am not f-cking Dave, I f-cking want you. His humor and sexiness are equally endearing. It’s kind of fantastic that my feelings for David might be spreading to Jeff.

Umm!! Okay, Tana actually made a semi-intelligent statement. We are all aware of what transpired between Jeff and David. Tana should therefore support somebody who poses fewer problems than David Dobrik.

Tana and Jeffrey

Tana and Jeff responded to the clap back in a “little podcast” video, in which Tana reiterated that she was not dressed by the folks at New York Fashion Week. In the second portion, Jeff defended her by asking the fan how she knew Tana was rude to her fans if she never spoke to her directly. (The admirer claimed that this was exactly why she didn’t approach the star.

Tana and Jeff have both claimed that they were kind to the fans who approached them at the event; we’ll have to wait and see if more information about this becomes out. Sure, some fans would like to join the bandwagon by praising Tana for her kindness. Hmm, we”lol get it.

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Jeff Wittek

Jeffrey R. Wittek is a YouTuber, comedian, and podcaster from the United States. He was born on December 15, 1989. He is famous for having created Jeff’s Barbershop and the podcast Jeff FM by himself. Jeff appeared in several Season 5 episodes of Bad Girls Club.

A participant named Erica presented him as her secret admirer. In Episode 3 of Season 5, the actors all went out to a bar and ended up meeting Wittek there. Wittek said “Forget it” when Catya and Kristen got angry that he wouldn’t pay their $32 bill.

Erica was upset that Catya ordered her what to do when Catya advised her not to sleep with him. Erica kept on flirting with him, and at one point in the performance, Jeff was seen whispering in her ear from across a pool table. Catya vented her irritation in the limo ride back to their estate that he hadn’t paid for dinner despite his promises to do so.

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