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Olivia Benson’s romantic life is undoubtedly one of the most popular storylines among Law & Order: SVU viewers. So, how likely is it that she will wind up with Barba?

Rafael Barba and Benson had chemistry when he was the ADA and working on his side of things. Benson’s love interest was made up. But nothing significant came of it. That also appears to be a common motif.

Even though fans are frequently teased by the program with romances like this (Elliot Stabler, anyone?) they can’t help but be intrigued. Benson should, in theory, slow down at some point. What will it take for the NYPD Captain to develop a reliable relationship?

A Reddit user inquired about the possibility of a Benson-Barba connection on the Law & Order: SVU forum. “Did anyone else think Barba and Liv would start dating at the conclusion of the show when Brooke [Shields] snatched Noah?” The question was posed by u/Big-Job-8021. “Am I the only one who thinks they’d make an incredible couple?” Why was this never addressed on the show?”

Despite the fact that Benson and Barba have had some memorable moments together, they don’t appear to be a popular pairing. Fans of Law & Order: SVU would, of course, love to see Benson and Stabler together. Barba, on the other hand… That is a separate issue.

What Do Fans Have To Say?

There were a good number of responses in the replies after the question was asked. Fans enjoy exchanging ideas. The best way to do so is on the subreddit. These supporters are clearly not on the same page.

“I’ve never wanted Barba and Olivia together,” u/Odd-Fox-7134 answered. “When critics of Benson and Stabler argue that “women and men can just be friends!” Barba and Olivia, in my opinion, are merely friends, especially from [Olivia’s] perspective. And I’m not convinced they’d make a good match.”

benson and barba relationship

Several of the responses expressed similar sentiments. Barba’s interest in women was even questioned by some. A few people said they’ve always suspected he’s gay, but the show didn’t go into detail about it.

The authors of Law & Order: SVU will have to keep teasing Olivia Benson’s prior relationships.

‘Law & Order: SVU’ Involves Task Force?

Meanwhile, Law & Order: SVU’s season has recently returned from hiatus. As the SVU teamed up with a task group that featured Donal Logue‘s return, things became very intense. Hate crimes are on the rise in the city, and the new task force is charged with putting an end to them.

benson and barba relationship

This season will only become hotter. Fans should prepare to be surprised.

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Brian Dietzen, Star of ‘NCIS,’ Reflects on the Series’ End?

Jimmy Palmer (Brian Dietzen) and Jess Knight’s friendship blossomed in last night’s penultimate episode of “NCIS” (Katrina Law). But, in next week’s closing episode, will anything come of it?

Palmer and Knight will only be mentioned briefly in the “NCIS” Season 19 finale, according to Brian Dietzen, who talked with TV Insider earlier this week. Although this perspective of romance has been built up over the last few episodes, the finale must focus on more crucial storylines.

“This won’t be addressed again for another six or seven episodes,” Dietzen told the site. “Sometimes we have so many stories to tell that we can’t quite get back to what happened at that wedding?” “Did they make eye contact or not?”

The good news for Palmer and Knight fans is that in Season 20, we will get a glimpse of where the couple’s relationship might go.

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Brian Dietzen, star of ‘NCIS,’ Discusses Alden Parker’s Murder?

The storyline for the Season 19 finale of “NCIS” was recently provided by CBS, and it’s a doozy. Gary Cole’s Alden Parker will be falsely accused of murder. And getting him out of this scenario and apprehending the true offender will take all hands on deck.

“When Agent Parker is falsely accused of murder, the team risks their careers and lives to buy time and discover the truth,” according to the official synopsis.

Brian Dietzen, star of “NCIS,” discussed the finale plotline with TV Insider. This explains why Knight and Palmer’s romance is put on hold for the next episode.

benson and barba relationship

The Widow, by Bob Saget ‘Everyone, Loves You So Damn Much,’ says Kelly Rizzo in a birthday tribute to the late ‘Full House’ star.

Kelly Rizzo, Bob Saget’s widow, paid tribute to the “Full House” actor on his 66th birthday on Tuesday (May 17th).

“Happy birthday, my love,” Kelly Rizzo said on Instagram in a touching message that included photos from her and Bob Saget’s trip to Mexico last year. “Our most recent trip was very unforgettable. We had such a big party for each other. You never know when it’ll be ‘the final’ time.”

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Kelly Rizzo Still ‘Talks’ with Bob Saget?

Kelly Rizzo recently discussed her new relationship with Bob Saget, following his death. “He’s still my husband, it’s like.” ‘Oh, he’s my ex-husband,’ isn’t the case. It’s like… It’s a different connection today. It simply is.”

Bob Saget and Kelly Rizzo first met in 2015. Bob Saget is 23 years Bob Rizzo’s junior. When she first met Saget, she was 36 years old. They married in 2018.

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