Calvin Harris Before and After: Inside Calvin Harris’ Dramatic Transformation and First Look After Complete Transformation

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Most public figures, such as singers, actresses, and public figures, will undergo a makeover.

You can observe the changes in David Beckham’s style, Justin Timberlake’s, and even Dermot O’Leary’s physical appearance over time if you look through their archives.

Calvin Harris is someone who has recently caught my (and many others’) interest.

He is well regarded for his musical achievements, having reached new heights in the music industry and currently being the highest-paid DJ.

But his music, the money he makes, and the girls he dates aren’t the major focus today (Rita Ora, Taylor Swift, and Aarika Wolf to name a few). The only thing that matters is how he looks.

Here’s how he went from being a lanky, mop-haired, poorly dressed man to a shredded, nicely dressed, smooth-skinned man, and how you can too. Oh, and in 2015, he modeled for Armani’s advertisements.

What Went Wrong With Him From The Start

That image demonstrates what he did wrong at the start (and possibly what you’re doing wrong right now).

In terms of your physical appearance, not paying attention to your haircut and skincare is a significant error. What a good haircut and a simple grooming routine can accomplish for you in the long term is incredible.

Consider the women in your life. When it comes to hair and makeup, how much time do they devote? I’m not suggesting that we, as guys, should follow suit, but they recognize the value.

The first step to consider is to get a haircut that complements your face shape while also being manageable for your everyday routine. (I’ll go into more detail later, but for now, watch this video.)

calvin harris before and after

To improve your skin, you should think about a simple grooming program. It will just take a few minutes of your time each day. At first, a simple face wash, moisturizer, and eye cream will suffice.

He also appears to have neglected his dental care, which will have a significant impact on your attractiveness (a bad smile can affect your physical appearance).

His height of 6 feet 4 inches helped him, yet his height (together with his avoidance of the gym) made him appear lanky. Poor food and lack of exercise were likely contributing factors to his bad skin and oral hygiene (he was presumably on the typical music producer’s diet at the time – whatever you can get your hands on quickly!)

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How would you describe his personal style? Let’s not even talk about it.

Calvin used to dress in a lot of graphic tees, patterned hoodies, loose pants, and shoes.

Even though Calvin was an up-and-coming DJ, Producer, and Artist, he was a long way from an Armani contract because of his mop hair, lanky body, awful skincare, and bad style.

calvin harris before and after

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What’s the story behind the change?

There are many changes

1. The Transformation Didn’t Happen ‘Overnight’

To begin with, I’d like to state unequivocally that this shift did not occur overnight.

It entails constant reinvention, self-discovery, and, most likely, a great deal of assistance. Calvin did not wake up as an Armani model after falling asleep in his bed.

Images from a few years after his rise to popularity and a few years before he looked like he does today show the steady shift.

He began to wear a different hairdo than the mop he had previously worn, one that was smarter and more attractive.

He also began to dress more formally, favoring slimmer-fitting shirts and jeans over wide t-shirts and jeans that did not flatter his tall physique.

calvin harris before and after

Improvements in his posture and a minor filling out of his tall physique were also visible. His complexion became whiter and more luminous, and his facial hair was kept in better condition than before.

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2. Fitness as a focal point

Style and how you dress are unquestionably one of the most effective methods to improve your physical look, but staying in shape and focusing on your health should always be a priority.

It’ll be more difficult to dress how you want if you’re obese.

The things you wear will be affected if you’re tall and slim (and how you wear them).

Ignore water and eat junk food all day? It’ll result in acne and exhaustion.

calvin harris before and after

There is no quick answer for getting in better condition, and I’m not going to mention a specific diet or fitness plan that Calvin’might’ have followed… (Fitness articles can be found here)

But I’m guessing it needed regular effort, as he didn’t fully restrict himself and occasionally indulged in a treat, and he diversified his routines.

If you want to look and feel your best, you should prioritize your health and fitness. It will improve your posture, confidence, skin, and overall feeling, as well as provide you with the framework to dress better.

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3. He was conscious of his appearance.

2016 has arrived… It does not make you any less of a man to use a moisturizer.

Calvin Harris improved his oral hygiene (and hence his grin), got a good haircut, took care of his skin, and kept his facial hair in check.

We all have one thing in common that we can’t change: we’re all getting older.

Adding a grooming routine to your routine and restyling your hair will improve your entire physical look.

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