For What Reason Does JoJo Siwa Criticize Candace Cameron Bure’s Statements?

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Candace Cameron Bure is supporting a new network called Great American Family, and it has already been met with criticism. Bure has stated that the network’s movies will center on conventional families consisting of a mother and a father.

The incident began when Siwa, then 11 years old, asked Bure for a photo and he refused.

Jojo Siwa said that Candace Cameron Bure’s comments about the LGBTQ+ community being offended by the lack of representation in holiday films were “hurtful.”

Maddie Ziegler, a fellow “Dance Moms” alum, and Jodie Sweetin, Bure’s “Full House” co-star, both commented in support of Siwa after she revealed that she is a member of the LGBTQ community in 2021.

When Did the Conflict Between Candace Cameron Bure and Jo Jo Siwa First Arise?

candace cameron bure controversy

Siwa has been vocal about her disapproval of Bure for a while, so Tuesday wasn’t the first time. After Bure refused to pose for a photo with her at the “Fuller House” premiere when she was 11 years old, the actress and singer called him the “rudest celebrity she’d ever met” in July.

At the afterparty, Siwa revealed, “she didn’t want to take a picture with me, and I was OK with that. but as I turned around and looked back, she was taking pictures with other kids, and that’s what made me really, very sad.”

Candace Cameron Bure informed fans that she and Siwa had patched things up after Siwa’s viral TikTok post in July labeling Bure the rudest star she’d encountered in Hollywood.

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In Apologizing to Siwa, Bure

Bure claimed that she was taken aback by Siwa’s remarks in an Instagram video and that she immediately contacted Siwa through a mutual acquaintance, Siwa’s agent, and a direct message.

Bure addressed Siwa in a video in which he apologized and stated that he and Siwa had a “wonderful chat.” The two went on to express their “delight for one another in that we are both good, encouraging individuals,” Bure said. So sorry JoJo, I didn’t snap a picture with you.

Bure added, “I told JoJo how much I’ve always respected her because she has been a terrific role model because of her positivism throughout her entire life and career, and she said she still likes watching ‘Full House’ and watches it to fall asleep.” So, “we felt everything” and “it was all lovely” and “there’s no drama.”

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Jojo Siwa Has Criticized Comments Made by Bure About “Traditional” Marriage as “Rude and Hurtful.”

candace cameron bure controversy

The 19-year-old judge of So You Think You Can Dance expressed her displeasure on social media a day after So You Think You Can Dance co-host and Great American Family channel partner Cameron Bure stated she plans to “maintain traditional marriage at the foundation” of her engagement with the network.

Siwa, who came out as gay in January 2021 and had a public spat with Cameron Bure this past summer, posted on Instagram: “After all that happened in the past few months, I find it hard to believe that she would not only make a movie with the purpose of excluding LGBTQIA+ but also talk about it in the press, which is both impolite and harmful to a whole community of people.”

Great American Media CEO Bill Abbott said, “spiritual or faith-based content is terribly underserved” in Hollywood, but he did not rule out the possibility of including queer tales in the future.

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Final Words

Jojo Siwa reacts to Candace Cameron Bure’s new network Great American Family, which focuses on traditional families with a mom and a dad. Bure told followers that the two buried the hatchet after Siwa’s viral TikTok in July, in which she called Bure the rudest star she’s met in Hollywood.

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