The Most Controversial Chris Moyles Moments!

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Some I’m a Celebrity viewers are furious when Chris Moyles is featured on the show. The popular radio DJ made a few contentious comments after arriving in the jungle. Chris was one of the first to join the jungle for the ITV series on November 6.

Sunday’s launch broadcast saw a fresh set of ten celebrities join the Australian jungle for the first time since 2019. The last two years of I’m a Celebrity were shot at Gwrych Castle in North Wales because of Covid-19 travel limitations.

People may expect him to be one of this year’s most opinionated campmates, but Moyles has hinted that his off-air nature is more restrained.

Moyles’s portion on the show has been a long time coming since he’s declined in the past. Despite being “terrified” of heights, the 48-year-old has now decided to try it, albeit he doesn’t know why.

Here, We Look Back at Some of His Biggest Controversies.

Six Stone Weight Reduction and ‘Body Dysmorphia’

The media star recently revealed he struggles to maintain his new slender shape. Chris Moyles admitted on The Kempcast that he still suffers from body dysmorphia despite dropping from 18 to 12 stone.

He said: “Before lockdown, Monday, Wednesday, Friday I’d do the show, we’d have a little meeting, and then I’d go to the gym and workout 11-12 or 11-1, depending on how fat I was feeling. I’m feeling obese at the moment.

“I’m fascinated by bodily dysmorphia because I have it, as I think most people do. I shed six stones from my worst weight of 18 stones. I know my body pretty well, and I’m still learning. I don’t have the metabolism of an 18-year-old girl or guy.”

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Racism Squabble

Halle Berry, 56, accused Chris of having a “racist moment” on-air in 2006. Halle was shocked when a presenter imitated a “big, black person” while promoting her upcoming X-Men picture with Hugh Jackman.

Hugh, 54, quipped that Chris might be his body double if he got a James Bond part, prompting Chris to do a strange impression and exclaim, “Put your hands up!”

“Are you Brooklyn Bond?” inquired Hugh. Chris said, “Black American. Big, fat, black guy. Put your hands up. I won’t shoot your arse.”

“Are we experiencing a racist moment?” Halle asked. Chris denied it and waited till the Monster’s Ball star left before asking her to “get over it.”

Anti-gay backlash

chris moyles controversy

He was criticized in 2006 for rejecting a gay ringtone on the broadcast. The BBC received a stream of complaints, notably from Stonewall, stating he was homophobic. The company said he was just “keeping up with English terminology”

In 2009, he was censured for singing Will Young’s songs Leave Right Now and Evergreen on his birthday. He sang the songs in a high, “effeminate” voice and modified the lyrics to reflect Will’s gayness.

Ofcom said it may have been construed as promoting and tolerating harmful sexual orientation stereotypes.

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Career Controversy

In 2002, the radio broadcaster made inappropriate statements to 16-year-old Charlotte Church, saying he intended to “guide her through the forest of sexuality now she was 16.”

The Broadcasting Standards Commission found the “explicit sexual content and humor surpassed acceptable boundaries for the time of airing”. Later in 2006, he was confronted with many allegations. In May, Chris was accused of homophobia.

He rejected a ringtone by saying “I don’t want that one, it’s queer.” Complaints poured the BBC, including from Stonewall, which said “Chris Moyles is not assisting young LGBT people battling to come out” and crowned him “bully of the year” at its annual awards.

Then in July, Chris was criticized by Ofcom for calling female listeners “filthy wh*res” for urinating in the shower.

Final Words

Some I’m Celebrity watchers are furious after Chris Moyles’ appearance. Ten celebs joined the Australian jungle for the first time since 2019’s premiere. Due to Covid-19 travel restrictions, the past two years of I’m a Celebrity were shot in North Wales. Moyles has declined to appear on the show in the past. The 48-year-old is “terrified” of heights but has decided to try it anyhow.

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