Clermont Twins Before and After: After the Clermont Twins’ Surgery, What Was the Reaction of Fans?

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If you didn’t watch the show, you may not have known that Shannon and Shannade Clermont a.k.a. Season 14 of Oxygen’s Bad Girls Club introduced us to the Clermont Twins for the first time in the show’s history. Yup. It was Shannon and Shannade’s attitude, labels, and messy behavior that made them both leaders and targets when they arrived at the BGC house. Unapologetically showing off their bodies, they often appeared on camera in their underwear or with their nipples peeking out from under their sheer blouses.

A few months after their appearance on a reality show, the Clermont Twins reappeared on social media. No longer were there the gorgeous brown-skinned girls with their natural curves; instead, these new personas emerged. The Clermont Twins weren’t widely known until Kanye West used them in his Yeezy season 6 campaign.

Before Shannade Clermont was arrested and charged with racking up thousands of dollars on a dead man’s credit card, the girls grew their platforms to over one million subscribers. It has been reported that Clermont stole the debit card information of a man Shannade met up with for a prostitution date and who was found dead the following morning from a drug overdose in his apartment. She was given a one-year prison term.

Before and After Clermont Twins

Their Instagram following has grown to more than 1.4 million since their days as reality TV stars and full-time models. When it comes to making it in Hollywood, Shannon and Shannade Clermont have taken numerous steps to ensure their success. Our investigation will examine how they transformed their lives in order to become Instagram stars and gain notoriety!

clermont twins before and after

Immediately following the 14th season of The Bad Girls Club, The Clermont Twins took a brief hiatus from the public eye. They shocked their fans by undergoing a makeover that included bleaching their skin, filling their lips with Botox, and getting a new nose.

Who Are the Clermont Twins?

The Clermont Twins are rising stars in Hollywood’s fashion scene. They moved to New York to live with their aunt, a fashion designer, in order to improve their chances of success in the fashion industry.

While they were growing up in New York City, the sisters said their aunt would take them to various fashion shows and parties.

Our interest in her was piqued greatly by the fact that she was capable of making her own clothing.” Their bond is one that can only exist between sets of identical twins, and the Clermont’s are no exception.

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The Clermont Twins Plastic Surgery Reaction from The Viewers

Because the more surgery the Clermont twins have, the more attention they receive,” According to @thedosagebrand, it’s all done on purpose and for financial gain.
However, I worry about the Clermont Twins, Aubrey O’Day, and other people who are constantly morphing and shifting. “I want them to feel like they’re enough Woozy face because eventually, it goes wrong,” @officialtaygray added.

“Can I be honest with you?” Aesthetically, they’re all over it. Apart from the occasional quibble, I think they’re doing a fantastic job here.

How Old Are the Clermont Twins Today?

A pair of twins born on March 21, 1994, in Montclair, New Jersey to immigrant parents is known as the Clermont twins. Currently, they are 28 years old. Aiming for fame, the twins relocated to New York to live with their aunt, a well-known fashion designer. As a result of her early influence on them in the fashion world, they look to their aunt as an inspiration.

clermont twins before and after

When they were young, she would take them to New York Fashion Week and she would make her own clothes, which delighted the twins.

The Net Worth of The Clermont Twins

Despite the fact that no one has come up with an exact figure, their net worth is estimated to be between $1 million and $5 million, according to various sources. To maximize their earnings, they appear on reality television shows and use social media to influence others. There are, however, no details about their other sources of income or assets to go on. Whenever we get official confirmation, we’ll let you know right away.

The Conflict Between Shannade Clermont and Others

Shannade had reached the pinnacle of her career when she got into an argument with a real estate broker over a tragic night. A real estate broker passed out after a night of drinking, sex, and drug-taking. A shopping spree ensued after she obtained his debit card information and used it. However, it later emerged that the real estate broker had died. Shannade Clermont was sentenced to one year in prison for stealing USD$20,000 from a deceased broker’s account. It doesn’t matter that they live on opposite sides of the country, the two sisters are united in their pursuit of fame and fortune. “They use masks like oatmeal and avocado, and I could test foods and whatnot,” Shannade told The Washington Post about her in-jail beauty regimen.

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