Dane Cook Controversy: He Has Received Criticism After Tik Tok Revealed that He Dated an 18-Year-Old Girl

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Dane American comedian and actor Jeffrey Cook was born on March 18, 1972, in Los Angeles. Isolated Incident and Rough Around the Edges: Live from Madison Square Garden are among his six comedy CDs, along with Harmful If Swallowed and Retaliation. For the first time in 28 years, Retaliation became the highest-ranking comedy album and went platinum in 2006. [1] Comedy Central’s Isolated Incident was one of his three HBO specials in late 2006, followed by Vicious Circle and Rough Around the Edges, which is included in his album of the same name. For years, he’s been known for his insightful, frequently crude, and occasionally dark humor.


When Kelsi Taylor started dating Dane Cook five years ago at the age of 18, the 50-year-relationship old’s with Kelsi was widely panned by TikTok members. “Growing up against my will” is a TikTok bio that has reignited the debate about the age gap.

Cook’s bio was the inspiration for one of the creators of TikToker Nathaniel’s (@nathanielrosenberg) comedic video clips. Since Dane Cook started dating a teenager, has anyone else observed that Dane Cook has tried to impersonate a teenager??” Like, look at this. Growing up without my consent.’ What does “growing up” mean to you, when you’re already 50 years old? When it comes to growing up, the TikToker claims that it’s your girlfriend who is being forced to grow up against her will.

dane cook controversy

Cook has been accused of stealing jokes from fellow comedians Louis C.K. and Joe Rogan blasted for being unfunny by other famous comedians and examined for the age difference in his five-year relationship with Taylor.

Taylor has over 37,000 Instagram followers and works as an actress, singer, trainer, and influencer. A few months after the couple began dating, Cook opened up about their relationship on Instagram. In 2019, when Taylor was 20 years old, the pair publicly celebrated their two-year anniversary.

Five years into their relationship, TikTok has reignited the debate and criticism about the couple’s age gap and how old Taylor was when they began dating. “I’m sorry what?” a person inquired in TikTok’s comment area. “Surprised? No, I’m not surprised. Not at all. Disgusted? A second argued, “absolutely,” to this. They were “friends” before they started dating publicly when she was 18, TikTok developer Nathaniel said in the comments section. That which was once the worst about him is no longer.

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Cook and Taylor, on the other hand, were defended by some users. It’s clear to me what you’re saying about Dane Cook.” The two of them are, after all, adults. Is it really that important to you? There was one user’s opinion.

According to Nathaniel’s statement to the Daily Dot

His video has elicited a number of defensive comments. Even more shocking is that nearly all of those who are backing him are other adults. It’s also possible that they’re not being identified. To justify a 45-year-old dating a high schooler, “I can’t see why you’d go out of your way,” TikToker added. I do like how people are becoming more socially conscious now. There are 10 comments that criticize him for everyone that defends him as an oddball. However, that may not have been true a few years back.

A few people have accused Cook of grooming Taylor in the TikTok comments area.

Grooming is a common method that one user mentioned

To characterize an abusive connection in which an older individual sets up a romantic or sexual relationship with someone younger, the word “grooming” is used. Many child abusers try to acquire the trust of their victims by mimicking the conduct of children, according to the NSPCC.

The NSPCC claims on its website that “a groomer can use the same sites, games, and apps as young people, spending time learning about a young person’s interests and exploit this to create a relationship.”.

Leonardo DiCaprio, Zach Braff, and Jerry Seinfeld have all been accused of grooming after dating considerably younger women in their teens or early twenties.

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He’s been accused of plagiarism also

In the world of comedy, plagiarism is a surefire way to get yourself banned from the industry. If it comes from one of the industry’s most prominent figures, it’s even worse. After Louis C.K. jokes were claimed to have been stolen, Dane Cook suffered the same fate (pre-sexual assault allegations). It was noted by comedy aficionados that some of the jokes on Cook’s 2005 album “Retaliation,” such as the one about itchy a**holes, appeared to be copied from C.K.’s 2001 show “Live in Houston.”

dane cook controversy

Back in 2010, Cook first addressed the matter by strongly declaring, “I didn’t steal anything from Louis C.K.” on Marc Maron’s “WTF” show. “I suppose he might have seen these parts and absorbed [Cook] and not understood that he took them from me,” said C.K., who had never out-and-out accused Cook in the Vulture interview. In a 2011 episode of Louis C.K.’s sitcom “Louie,” in which C.K. needs to swallow his pride and ask Cook to buy Lady Gaga tickets for his daughter, the two eventually seemed to squash their rivalry.

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