Dave Chappelle’s “SNL” Opening Monologue on Kanye West’s Antisemitism!

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This past weekend, Dave Chappelle hosted Saturday Night Live for the third time, while Black Star made its Saturday Night Live debut.

More than 15 minutes into his first monologue, Chappelle addressed Kanye West’s recent antisemitic comments.

Chappelle appeared for the third time, and the hip-hop duo Black Star Yasiin ‘Mos Def’ Bey and Talib Kweli provided the show’s musical entertainment.

Chappelle’s return this weekend comes after his 2021 Netflix special “The Closer” drew criticism for his comments towards LGBTQ+ people, particularly transgender people.

A Discussion of Kanye West’s Antisemitic Comments, as Brought up By Dave Chappelle.

dave chappelle controversy

After a 15-minute introduction, the comedian addressed Kanye West’s antisemitic remarks. Dave Chappelle ended his monologue by declaring, “It shouldn’t be this scary to talk about anything,” implying that he no longer enjoys performing in front of large crowds. It’s a huge hassle for me to deal with,”

In the early 2000s, West made a musical guest appearance on Chappelle’s Show on Comedy Central, so it’s not the first time the two have worked together.

The director of “Dave Chappelle’s Block Party,” which features performances by the “Heartless” singer, was inspired by Chappelle’s 2004 New York event. Chappelle, meantime, has hosted SNL twice before, in 2016 and 2020, and both times he won an Emmy for outstanding guest actor in a comedy series, as reported by People magazine. (ANI)

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Statements Made by Dave Chappelle that Have Caused Controversy

On November 12, Dave Chappelle presented the comedy sketch series for the third time and sparked new controversy with comments about antisemitism during his monologue.

The comedian once remarked, “I’ve gone to Hollywood, and this is just what I saw: It’s a lot of Jews, like a lot. However, that is utterly meaningless. Even if there are a disproportionate number of African Americans in Ferguson, Missouri, we are not in control of the city.

The comments Chappelle has made in his stand-up specials against trans people, Jews, Blacks, and others have led to accusations of insensitivity on his part. The LGTBQ+ community panned his Netflix special The Closer last year.

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Antisemitic Statements by Kanye West Have Caused a Stir.

dave chappelle controversy

After making antisemitic comments on social media, Kanye West not only had his Twitter account suspended, but he also lost a number of lucrative endorsement deals as companies refused to work with him.

Even Kanye’s longtime music business pal John Legend spoke out against his remarks, writing, “Weird how all these ‘free, independent thinkers’ constantly land at the same old anti-blackness and antisemitism.”

David Schwimmer, star of the TV show Friends, also spoke out against West, writing on Instagram, “Whether or not Kanye West is mentally ill, there’s no question he is a bigot.” He incites violence against Jews via his hate speech. Guess what happens if you take his statements out of context and defend him. You are prejudiced.

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Final Words

Chappelle addressed Kanye West’s antisemitic remarks in his opening monologue. Ye’s anti-Jewish outburst was imitated by the comedian. Chappelle’s comedy specials have been criticized for insensitive remarks toward trans persons, Jews, Blacks, and others. His Netflix shows The Closer was highly criticized by the LGGBTQ+ community last year. Kanye West’s Twitter account was suspended and he lost several lucrative sponsorship deals after making antisemitic comments.

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