Diana Jenkins, Star of “RHOBH,” Is Suing Her Former Assistant for Allegedly Spying on Her in The Bedroom and For Creating a Hostile Work Environment


Star of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Diana Jenkins engaged in an ugly legal dispute with her former helper, calling him a “peeping tom” and accusing her of being a terrible boss.

2019 saw Jenkins file a lawsuit against the executive assistant on behalf of Neurobrands. The Bravo personality said she hired Hannibal Thomas in February 2016 in the lawsuit.

Thomas was in charge of overseeing Jenkins’ daily workload, tasks, and schedule. He was accused of repeatedly “intruding into her private affairs,” which she claimed seriously injured her.

Diana Jenkins made this statement as her aide Thomas worked closely with her

Including taking her to and from her Malibu home. The businessman said that Thomas had never been given permission to “access or observe into Jenkins’ private rooms, including her bedroom, bathroom, and other private rooms with Jenkins’ property.” Going Once and Again! To be sold off at auction as part of Tom Girardi’s bankruptcy is Erika Jayne and her ex’s furniture and personal property.

Daina Jenkins, however, claimed that during his employment, up to his voluntary resignation in April 2019, Thomas violated her privacy by “entering and peering into her private dwelling quarters without consent or authorization, frequently while Jenkins was undressed.”

Diana Jenkins, Star of "RHOBH," Is Suing Her Former Assistant for Allegedly Spying on Her in The Bedroom and For Creating a Hostile Work Environment

According to Jenkins Thomas “deliberately and without permission came into Jenkins’ private chambers without knocking in an attempt to catch views of her, ogle at her, and otherwise watch her in intimate situations.” Jenkins remarked that Thomas “would arrive” in her room as she was getting out of the shower or using her personal restroom.

Thomas was aware that he should not be at those locations and was only there to spy on Jenkins when she was ill. The suit stated that although Thomas’ actions were premeditated and intentional, he would pretend to have “bumped” into her by mistake when questioned about them.

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Jenkins had to physically draw a line that Thomas was not permitted to pass because of his constant breach of Jenkins’ privacy, according to the RHOBH star’s attorney.

Jenkins claimed that Thomas’ breach of her trust and “lewd and perverted intrusion” into her personal matters caused her serious harm, “including emotional pain.”

Unknown damages were demanded in the complaint

Jenkins filed the lawsuit as a “crass attempt” to “intimidate and retaliate against” Thomas for “resisting her unlawful and discriminatory employment activities,” Thomas said.

He asserted that she instilled a hostile work environment in which he was forced to put in up to 24 hours per day, seven days straight, without adequate rest periods, food breaks, overtime, or other workplace safeguards.

All wrongdoing claims were refuted by him. In a statement provided by Thomas’ attorney, Jenkins stated that she “trusted [Thomas] enough to not just retain him as an employee for not just one job—but THREE JOBS—over the course of THREE YEARS, performing activities which would require him to be in her presence, around-the-clock. The accusations demonstrate that [Jenkins] underwent no emotional suffering at all as a result of the alleged activity. If not, why wouldn’t she have fired him?

In 2020, the case was ultimately dismissed

Jenkins, who was charged with being a “Karen,” was a listed defendant in another shocking lawsuit, as RadarOnline.com previously reported. Her neighbor alleged that during a quarrel over shrubs, the socialite repeatedly threatened to have his black security guard arrested.

The case was also dismissed. Radar learned about the legal disputes after Jenkins was compelled to retract a “racially inappropriate” Instagram statement.

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