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DJ Ashba is a well-known guitarist who was born in the United States on November 10, 1972. Rock bands Guns N’ Roses and Sixx: lead A.M.’s guitarist Along with Bullet Boys and Beautiful Creatures, he has collaborated with various rock bands. DJ Ashba’s zodiac sign is Scorpio, according to astrologers.

Daren Jay Ashba, an American musician, guitarist, composer, record producer, and graphic designer, was born on November 10, 1972. Currently, he plays lead guitar for Sixx: A.M. His work with the hard rock bands BulletBoys, Beautiful Creatures, and Guns N’ Roses is also well known. Among the musicians he has collaborated with are Neil Diamond, Mötley Crüe, Drowning Pool, Marion Raven, and Aimee Allen. He is the Ashba Media CEO.

In Monticello, Indiana, He Was Raised. He Got Hitched to Nathalia Henao in 2013.

He eventually became a member of the band Barracuda, with whom he spent two years on tour. His first instrumental album, Addiction to the Friction, was published in 1996. Ashba became a member of BulletBoys in 1998 as part of the group’s new lineup. Joe Lesté of Bang Tango was someone he met while he was a member of the band. In order to form a new band with Lesté, he left the group in 1999.

Net Worth of Dj Ashba:

DJ Ashba has a $10 million dollar net worth and is an American musician, producer, and songwriter. DJ Ashba, also referred to as Daren Jay Ashba, was born in Indiana’s Monticello and raised in Illinois. When he was young, his mother, a classical pianist, started teaching him music. He performed in his first piano performance at the age of five.

Then he created his own drum set from common home objects. At age six, he received a genuine drum set, and at age eight, he used his own funds to purchase his first guitar. In his late teens, he made the decision to concentrate on a musical career, and after high school, he moved to Hollywood. Early in the 1990s, he started playing in several bands. He began his professional career playing with Barracuda before switching to BulletBoys. In 1996, he also issued an instrumental CD. He then established the group Beautiful Creatures. After that, Beautiful Creatures joined with Warner Bros. and put out one album.

Early Life

Daren Jay Ashba, better known as DJ Ashba, was born in Monticello, Indiana, on November 10, 1972. He spent his formative years in Fairbury, Illinois. From the time he was a little child, Ashba’s mother exposed him to music. His mother was a pianist who had had classical training. When he was five years old, he gave his first piano recital performance, playing Beethoven’s tune Ode to Joy.

dj ashba net worth

As Ashba grew older, his passion for music expanded as well. He wanted to learn the drums after becoming an expert pianist. He would collect trash cans, pots, and pans and use them as drums. He received the authentic drum set when he turned six. At the age of eight, on his own, he bought his first guitar by accepting a job that required him to detassel corn in the fields. The local band’s guitarist, who used to instruct him while riding the same bus he used to take to work, introduced him to the guitar while he was doing the job.

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The Career of Dj Ashba

He joined the band Barracuda in 1991. He undertook a two-year tour with the musical ensemble. He released “Addiction to the Friction,” his debut instrumental album, in 1996. In 1998, he joined the fledgling band “BulletBoys.” Ashba played with the group for a year up to 1999, when he began playing with the group “Beautiful Creatures.” For three years, he was a member of the group.

As the new lead guitarist of the hard rock band Guns N’ Roses, Ashba began his new career in 2009. He performed with the band for six years before announcing on July 27, 2015, that he would be leaving to concentrate on his other band, Sixx: A.M., and to honor his commitment to his family. In February 2018, Pyromantic, a Sixx: A.M. offshoot band, was officially announced by Ashba.

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I’m Daren Jay Ashba. Date of Birth and Age

Are you interested in the Daren Jay Ashba era? We have listed his birthday, place of birth, and other pertinent information below. His birthday is said to be on 10 November 1972. He is currently 50 years old. He was born in the American city of Monticello, Indiana.

Dj Height, Weight, and Other Details

One of the things that fans care about most is a celebrity’s physical appearance. Celebrities’ physiques—their heights, weights, etc.—always usher forth new fashions. This information is likewise known to us. His height is 1.8 meters. About 54 kilograms would be his weight. We inserted the current value due to the weight’s frequent adjustments.

Dj Ashba’s Spouse and Girlfriend

What about Daren Jay Ashba’s marital status? You will find information here if you are interested in your personal life. You can find details on an affair, a spouse, a person’s hobbies, and more on the table.

dj ashba net worth

Let’s talk about his preferences for things like color, cuisine, sports, locations, and people. See the table to learn more about the marital status of your favorite person.

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Most Common Questions

Dj Ashba’s height is what?

He is 1.8 meters tall.

What is Dj Ashba’s net worth?

The $15 million net worth

DJ Ashba has a wife?

He’s got a wife.

Dj Ashba’s profession is unknown.
He is an American record producer, guitarist, composer, and graphic designer.

What day did Dj Ashba come into the world?

The birthdate of Dj Ashba is 10 November 1972.

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