Dog the Bounty Hunter’s Daughter Lyssa Chapman Walks Down the Aisle with Leiana Evensen


Dog Lyssa Chapman, the daughter of the Bounty Hunter, married her partner Leiana Evensen in Hawaii this month. The couple, who have been together since 2016, married in a private ceremony off the coast of Hawaii while wading in the ocean.

‘He was of course on the phone with me all morning and during,’ Lyssa said, despite the fact that Dog, alias Duane Chapman, did not attend the wedding in person. We sent him a lot of FaceTime messages. In spirit and electronically, he was present.’

Lyssa stated that returning to Hawaii, where he resided with his late fourth wife Beth Chapman, has become emotionally “very, extremely difficult for him.”

Dog and Beth rose to fame as bounty hunters on reality television together, and they had a long and happy marriage until Beth died of cancer in 2019.

‘Last week Lei and I boarded a boat at 7 a.m. with 7 of our closest family members and we devoted our love and lives to one another,’ Lyssa wrote in a wedding album she shared on Instagram on Wednesday.

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Some Silhouetted Photos of The Wedding

The brides were photographed kissing in the water while being showered with rose petals while dressed in Daisy Dukes and bikini tops. A few silhouetted photos of the newlyweds frolicking in the shallows together, oozing marital love, were shared on social media.

Dog the Bounty Hunter’s daughter Lyssa Chapman walks down the aisle with Leiana Evensen

‘The water was a glassy mirror, and it was the most incredible conditions on the bay. We got a sprinkle of rain (blessing), and then a school of baby sharks (do do

‘We connected to the ocean’s strength and vastness by putting our feet in the water.’ The gorgeous Ko’olau mountain range wrapped itself around us, and it will continue to wrap itself around us while we live and spend the rest of our lives together at Makaalamihi. There, with Uncle David officiating, we announced our declarations of intent, said our vows, and officially began life together as a wife, and wife,’ she continued.

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Lyssa Chapman made a point of thanking Wesley Sargent, who owns a company that specializes in Hawaiian elopements, and ensured that the brides’ intentions remained hidden.

Lyssa was enthused about how the wedding was “truly a dream day,” and how happy she was that Leiana was “my freaking WIFE!!” I’m overjoyed, grateful, and full of love.’

‘I never thought I was deserving of or capable of such love,’ she continued. Since meeting her, the vibration in my body hasn’t stopped, and if you’re reading this from a dark place, know that your happy beginning is somewhere out there as well.’

‘There’s a lot more to come,’ the blushing bride said. Thank you for coming along with us on this adventure. ‘Wife, I will always adore you.’ Lyssa wore a white wedding gown with a flowery circlet, and Leiana wore a matching blouse with dark shorts when they exchanged vows.

Lyssa’s two kids, Abbie May, 20, and Madalynn Grace, 12, were among the guests for the modest wedding. Lyssa gave birth to Abbie the day after her 15th birthday, and the father was imprisoned for statutory rape despite the fact that he was 24 at the time of conception. Meanwhile, she has Madalynn with her ex-husband Brahman ‘Bo’ Galanti, with whom she had a brief relationship from 2009 to 2011.

What Lyssa tell Amo Mama?

She was running a storefront in Hawaii in 2016 when she met Leiana, who happened to be one of her clients.

They were ‘immediately intrigued by the fact that they were born on the same day and in the same year, and discovered they shared similar morals’ not long after. Over the next six months, their romance blossomed, and Lyssa felt Leiana was ‘the one’ not long after they initially started dating.

‘Oh my, don’t mess this up, and don’t let this one go,’ Lyssa thought as they danced together. During a trip to Seattle near the end of 2017, Leiana proposed to Lyssa, and the bounty hunter’s daughter accepted.

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Lyssa intimated in March

She and Leiana planned to marry ‘in the ocean’ in their bikinis, however, she didn’t go into detail about the date or other details. She said that Dog was supportive of her relationship with Leiana Evensen while speaking with People this week about her wedding.

‘My father has always loved me and we don’t talk about it.’ People who are Christian who believe that marriage is between a man and a woman, I believe, find it particularly difficult. But you can’t just say you don’t believe in it when your daughter falls in love with someone you adore,’ Lyssa explained.

Dog the Bounty Hunter’s daughter Lyssa Chapman walks down the aisle with Leiana Evensen

‘I don’t want to put words in his mouth because I don’t know what his exact opinions are on the subject, but he’s always been supportive.’ When his daughter Bonnie and stepdaughter Cecily accused him of racism and homophobia last year, she stood firm in her support for her father.

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