Ellie Gogglebox Before and After: Her Losing Weight Real-Life Transformation

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Eli Warner is a reality television star, best known for her performances on GoogleBox.

Ellie Warner graduated from high school with excellent grades. After then, Ellie Warner completed her undergraduate studies in Bachelor at a state university in the United States.

Gogglebox celebrity Ellie Gogglebox is a hairdresser by trade, and she has gained a lot of attention recently. Her new image, in which she can be seen to be rather slim and to have dropped a large amount of weight, has wowed people.

It was a pleasant surprise for her followers as she revealed her weight loss journey and a new photo on Instagram. Seeing her weight loss has inspired a lot of others who have been struggling with their weight for years.

Observe the weight loss journey of Gogglebox star Ellie Warner

She and her younger sister, Izzi, first appeared on the show in 2015, when she was 22 years old. The stylist kept it simple because of her shoulder-length, lovely golden hair at the time, and several of her fans stated she looked “wonderful” and complimented her for shedding so much weight.

As a result of her incredible weight loss journey, the reality star’s life has been dramatically altered. She’s dropped a lot of weight, and her weight-loss story inspires a lot of others.

before image

Under lockdown, Ellie, a 29-year-old, said she felt “more like herself” after dyeing her hair a second time. Her golden hair had black roots dispersed throughout it when Ellie initially appeared in the makeover video.

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Ellie Warner’s younger sister, Izzi, has likewise undergone a significant shift since her debut on Gogglebox in 2015. As of April 2020, the new mother appears to be in better shape than she has ever been before.

Photos of Ellie Warner’s Weight Loss Journey

As of 2022, Ellie Warner claims to have finally dropped weight and altered her haircut, and she says she looks fantastic with her new look. Warner has lost a significant amount of weight after the birth of her daughter Bessie in February of last year, and she now appears thin, confident, and years younger than she actually is.


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A post shared by Ellie Warner (@ellie__warner)

When looking at her earlier and recent Instagram images, it’s easy to see how her weight loss has progressed. As of 2022, both Warner and the hairdresser are 29 years old. Warner is a professional reality television celebrity.

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About Ellie Warner

Ellie is a social media whiz, and you can follow her on Instagram at @elliewarner, where she has 430k followers and 976 followers. She has 438 Instagram posts, which include images from her professional career as well as family portraits and photos with her spouse, Net Eddleston, and her children.


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A post shared by Ellie Warner (@ellie__warner)

Ellie from Gogglebox has a day job as a hairdresser. Because of this, her hair is always shiny and healthy.

A meeting with the actress can even be set up through her official Instagram account, @elliewarnerhair. She’s not just a talented hairdresser; she’s also a talented artist, and she recently posted a hilarious drawing of herself and her sister on Instagram.

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