Fousey Before and After: Check Here Body Changes of Youtuber Yousef Latest Info in 2022

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Yousef Saleh Erakat is a YouTuber who is most known for his channel FouseyTube, where he uploads humorous videos and has acquired a following of over 10 million followers. He was born on January 22, 1990, in Fremont, California, in the United States.

As the youngest of four children born to parents of Palestinian descent, Yousef grew up in his hometown. He has two brothers and a sister, Noura Erakat, who works as an assistant professor at George Mason University’s New Century College and is a well-known human rights lawyer.

Since he had a hard time accepting how other people treated Muslims as children, his childhood was everything from picture-perfect. Later in age, after getting tattoos on his body, he encountered conflict with Muslim families. As a result, I had to battle an addiction to drugs and alcohol as well as bipolar disease. He has, fortunately, been able to find comfort in comedy.

Yousef previously had a number of other YouTube channels, but none of them were particularly successful. Even with fouseyTube, this persisted. However, he made the decision to start releasing stereotyped videos about Muslims, which quickly launched his career.

Fousey Before and After

In preparation for his comeback to the ring, YouTube fighter Fousey displayed a new, ripped physique following a remarkable eight-month makeover.

fousey before and after

Real name Yousef Arakat, FouseyTube has only fought once in a boxing ring, falling to fellow video producer Slim in the fourth round after his corner decided to call it quits. Arafat declared a return to boxing earlier this month after previously taking a protracted social media break. Since then, she has resumed training and staying fit.

And the 32-year-old has subsequently released a video of himself seeming displeased with his bulkier frame before afterward posing in the mirror with a muscular and toned eight-pack. “One day I will be holding this and I will have an eight-pack again,” Fousey first declared.

Throughout His Weight-Loss Journey, Arakat Has Kept up His YouTube Posting.

Throughout his weight-loss quest, Arakat has continued to post on YouTube, where he first gained notoriety for having 250,000 subscribers. Fans got to know him through his acting and practical joke videos on the website, which led to him competing against Slim in the YouTube charity competition.

The American’s next opponent has not yet been determined, but he has since called out British YouTuber Deji, who recently lost to the American’s lifelong buddy Alex Wassabi. On Twitter, Arakat wrote: “You have three Ls, Deji. The biggest L in YouTube boxing history belongs to me. When we played Social Gloves, you remarked that I was a simple opponent. Me and you this year. Please offer no justifications. Who desires their first victory more?”

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They Reconnected at His Fight After Arakat’s Knockout of Wassabi During a Sparring Session in 2019.

Arakan knocked out Wassabi during a sparring session in 2019, and the two caught up at his fight with Deji to talk about their earlier encounter. Despite having the better of their training session, Arakat is not eager to relive a confrontation with Wassabi.

fousey before and after

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It’s Been a While Since Then “when They Fought, Fousey Stated

Fousey remarked that their altercation happened years ago. “Before Alex began training, I sparred with him. He had never trained in his life, but I could still feel his strength. I like that he’s being underestimated because everyone will be thinking of ways to beat him until they are punched in the face.

“He’s wanted to enter the ring once again for years, but I’ve always said no because I was touched by his hands the first time. I am so confident in him that I do not want to see him in the ring, just to prove it.”

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