Ginger Baker Net Worth: A Closer Look at His Personal Life, Career, and More Updates

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Peter Edward “Ginger” Baker, an English drummer, composer, lyricist, and co-founding member of the rock group Cream as well as an occasional vocalist, lived from 19 August 1939 to 6 October 2019. Because of his innovations in jazz fusion and world music during the 1960s and 1970s, he gained the title of “rock’s first superstar drummer” for his work during those decades.

In his early career, Baker was a bassist for the band Blues Incorporated and the Graham Bond Organization, both of which featured the rival musician Jack Bruce. With guitarist Eric Clapton, Baker and Bruce formed Cream in 1966. Despite Cream’s international fame, the band only survived until 1968, in part because of the tumultuous dynamic between Baker and Bruce.

Baker spent several years in the 1970s living and recording in Africa, frequently with Fela Kuti, to further his lifelong passion for African music. Baker had previously worked briefly with Clapton in Blind Faith and led Ginger Baker’s, Air Force.

[3] He has also worked with Gary Moore, Masters of Reality, Public Image Ltd, Hawkwind, Atomic Rooster, Bill Laswell, jazz bassist Charlie Haden, jazz guitarist Bill Frisell, and Ginger Baker’s Energy, to name a few.

What Was the Net Worth of Ginger Baker?

English drummer Ginger Baker was a founding member of the rock group Cream in 1966. When he passed away in October 2019, Ginger Baker had a net worth of $2 million. After living and recording in Africa for several years in the 1970s, he went on to perform with bands including Hawkwind, Public Image Ltd., and Masters of Reality. One of the finest drummers of all time and a forerunner of jazz fusion, Baker is renowned for both his musical inventions and flamboyant stage presence.

Early Life

In Lewisham, South London, England, Ginger Baker was born in 1939 as Peter Edward Baker. His father, Frederick, was a bricklayer, and his mother, Ruby, was employed by a tobacconist. Due to his fiery red hair, Baker quickly acquired the moniker Ginger.

ginger baker net worth

After playing football at Pope Street School, he transferred to Greenwich’s Shooter’s Hill Grammar School.

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Starting a Career

At the age of 15, Baker began learning the drums. He joined the blues band Blues Incorporated in the 1960s and studied drumming under English jazz drummer Phil Seamen. Jack Bruce, the bassist for the band, and Baker frequently had disagreements.

On one occasion during a performance, Baker even attacked Bruce with a knife. Nevertheless, they soon collaborated once more as the rhythm and blues band Graham Bond Organisation.

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Blind Faith

Following the breakup of Cream, Baker was a member of the short-lived supergroup Blind Faith, which also featured keyboardist and singer Steve Winwood, bassist Ric Grech, and Eric Clapton. The group’s self-titled album debuted at the top of the album charts in the UK, US, and Canada in 1969. Blind Faith disbanded following this.

Private Life

In all, Baker was married four times and had three kids. His first wife, Liz Finch, was the mother of his daughter Ginette. Later on, Baker had a son named Kofi and a daughter named Leda.

Baker was well-known for his quick temper and frequent physical altercations with fans and other performers during his career. In the 1960s, when he was performing in London bars, he also battled a heroin addiction.

ginger baker net worth

When Baker relocated to a tiny Tuscan village and started harvesting olives, that is when he was finally able to give up the drug for good. He admitted to having chronic obstructive lung disease in 2013 as a result of years of excessive smoking. His heart issues were discovered three years later, and he underwent successful open-heart surgery. Baker later passed away at the age of 80 in October 2019.

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