Giraffe Woman Before and After: ‘giraffe Woman’ Gives up On Her Quest to Have a Long Neck

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After years of wearing a stack of hefty metal rings, a woman who is “obsessed” with giraffes has given up her dream of lengthening her neck.

Sydney Smith, 30, of Los Angeles, California, dubbed “the giraffe woman,” wanted to be renowned worldwide for her long neck.

Sydney had her own set of rings custom created and spent five years gradually adding more in an attempt to push down her collarbone, inspired by the Kayan people of Southeast Asia, who are notorious for stretching their necks with metal coils.

The stack, at its heaviest, weighed 5 pounds and was made up of 15 rings.

Do You Know Who the Giraffe Lady Is?

Sydney Smith is a Giraffe woman who tried to expand her neck by wearing heavy metals. Follow us to learn about Giraffe Woman Before And After looks by reading the post below, which includes Giraffe Woman Before And After photographs.

giraffe woman before and after

Before and After of Giraffe Woman

Sydney Smith, also known as the Giraffe, is a Californian woman. She does this because of her long neck, for which she is famous around the world. After years of wearing a lot of hefty metal rings, she’s always wanted to lengthen her neck. Over the years, she’s become enamored with giraffes.

giraffe woman before and after

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Before: Giraffe Lady

Sydney Smith is a 34-year-old Giraffe lady. Earlier, she referred to herself as a Giraffe lady. She wants a giraffe-like neck. Her neck was stretched up to 11 inches long thanks to the tribal copper rings. Neck rings were worn by people in several African and Asian cultures to give the appearance of a longer neck. Ribs and clavicles are forced downward by the neck rings.

Sydney’s transformation into Giraffe Woman was a result of a series of events.

The Kayan people of Southeast Asia served as inspiration for Sydney. The Kayan people of Southeast Asia are known for wearing brass coils around their necks to lengthen them. Sydney had wasted five years trying to extend her collar bone by making her own rings. She stacked 15 rings, the biggest of which weighed in at a whopping 5 pounds.

After: Giraffe Lady

Sydney had given up her search because she believed the rings had destroyed her life. She claimed that as a long-necked woman with fifteen rings on her neck, she would be unable to work well in the United States. She went on to say that if you want to isolate yourself and don’t have to leave the house or drive, you might be able to do it. She stated that she was unable to perform her duties.

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Giraffe girl, how are you doing these days?

Sydney Smith has finally gotten rid of all of the rings that had accumulated around her neck. Her recuperation was quick. Having a child had finally caused her to prioritize health concerns over rings. Even now, however, she is known as the Giraffe Woman.

giraffe woman before and after

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Frequently Asked Questions About Giraffe Woman

1. What happened to the renowned giraffe woman’s neck rings?
Sydney, predictably, realized one morning that she could no longer sustain this lifestyle. She made the decision to get rid of all 15 rings.

2. Can you tell me about the giraffe lady?
Sydney Smith, 30, of Los Angeles, California, dubbed “the giraffe woman,” wanted to be renowned worldwide for her long neck.

3. What is the length of a woman’s giraffe neck?
Meet the ‘giraffe woman,’ who lengthened her neck to 11 INCHES using traditional copper rings. ‘The Giraffe Lady’ has spoken out about how she began wearing copper rings to grow her neck to nearly 11 inches.

4. What are neck rings used for?
Neck rings are commonly worn in a few African and Asian cultures to give the illusion of an extended neck. Neck rings are associated with a beauty ideal: a long neck. The clavicle and ribs are pushed back by neck rings.

5. In Africa, which tribe has the longest neck?
Neck rings, metal coils put around the neck to appear to lengthen it, are used by women of the Kayan Lahwi tribe.

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