“I Still Love Johnny” Says Amber Heard After the Trial Loss


Even after all of the unpleasant back and forth, Amber Heard says she has a lot of mixed feelings about Johnny Depp post-trial. One of those sentiments, she claims, is love.

The final segment of the actress’ interview with “Today” aired on Wednesday, and she discussed a variety of topics, including where her ex resides in her heart. Despite the fact that he took her to court and won $8.35 million, Amber claims that JD is still close to her heart.

"I Still Love Johnny" Says Amber Heard After the Trial Loss

Amber’s statement regarding Johnny

She stated that she still loves him, holds true now. It appears to be true, according to AH.

Amber Heard was also asked if she believes Johnny Depp has succeeded in damaging her reputation, as he hinted at in a text message, and she answers yes, adding that if she isn’t careful, he may sue her again. Savannah inquires about Amber’s little kid and how she intends to explain the situation to her… Amber claims she’ll tell her the truth and be fine with it since she knows she’s on the right side of history.

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"I Still Love Johnny" Says Amber Heard After the Trial Loss

Amber is asked about her credibility, particularly her $7 million pledge to the ACLU, which she hasn’t fulfilled, at one point in the full interview, and while she says she shouldn’t have had to make that to be trusted, AH admits it could’ve influenced the jury’s decision against her. The trial was all about character and dependability, as Savannah points out.

The entire interview will run this week on “Dateline NBC” in “additional, unaired material” about evidence Amber believes should’ve made it into the case, according to the network.

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