Is Uncle Clifford Gay in Real Life? When It Comes to Starz’s P-Valley, Who Is He?

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Nickolas Annan is a New York City-based artist who works in a variety of mediums. Annan’s portrayal of Uncle Clifford in P-Valley, an adaptation of the Katori Hall play Pussy Valley, made him a household name.

 Early Years of Nicco Annan

May 7, 1989, was the date of Nicco Annan’s birth. He’s 31 years old and of African-American descent as of the time of this writing. A Taurus, Nicco has American roots and was born in the month of March. In May of 2021, he will be 32 years old. Sandra Nicco Annan is his mother’s maiden name; nevertheless, his father’s identity remains a mystery.

In Nicco’s view, having such a mother was lucky because she played a key role in his upbringing. Nicco’s parents, whom he looks up to as role models, are frequently featured in his Instagram posts. Nicco’s younger sister, Kellee Stewart, joins the fray.

is uncle clifford gay in real life

Annan grew raised in Detroit’s North End area. His parents are from Ghana and the United States, respectively. For years, he’s wanted to be a performer. He even studied improv and theatre as a kid. At the age of seventeen, he became a member of a dance troupe. Annan graduated from Cass Technical High School and the State University of New York at Purchase with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in theatre.

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Is Uncle Clifford Gay?

Nicco Annan is known to be gay. Nicco’s current relationship status is unknown at this time. The question, “Is Nicco Annan gay?” is a common one among P-Valley fans and others who have come into contact with the show.

They couldn’t not, could they? When he played Uncle Clifford, the 6’2″ actor was flawless.

With “full nail tips with designs that make Claws ladies take notice, and a sculpted beard begging for its own commercial,” Essence defines the personal. It was a “she/her” pronoun for the non-binary character, unlike the actor who portrays her. “He/him” is Annan’s nickname. The answer is a resounding yes. On many occasions, Annan has said unequivocally that he is gay.

is uncle clifford gay in real life

The actor opened out about his motivations for portraying Uncle Clifford in an interview with Awards Watch. Now that’s clear: I’m a homosexual. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been homosexual and a performer. There aren’t many opportunities like this one. After reading this, I was immediately struck by the realization that it was noteworthy for its originality.

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After graduating from Yale, Annan was hired as the school’s choreographer in residence. He also appeared in off-Broadway and Broadway plays.

He moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career as a television actor. In addition to Shameless, This Is Us, and Snowfall, Annan has also appeared. The opening sequence of All American was also choreographed by him. Annan was hired at a Mississippi Delta strip club in 2009 after a friend recommended Katori Hall’s Pussy Valley for the role. Following an audition, Annan was cast as Uncle Clifford, the club’s non-binary proprietor.

is uncle clifford gay in real life

He developed a deep background for the character, which he subsequently performed in a number of smaller shows and the larger Mixed Blood Theatre production of 2015 as the character’s actor. To play Uncle Clifford, Annan was rehired by Starz to reprise the role. Season one of P-Valley, which premiered in 2020, received high appreciation for Annan’s performance. His work on television has earned him nominations for the NAACP Image Awards and the Independent Spirit Awards. By 2020, Annan will star as the lead in Hall’s off-Broadway production The Hot Wing King.

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