Why Did Marvel Decide to Terminate Director James Gunn in 2018? Is He Going to Head up DC’s Film Division?

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James Gunn shot to fame after directing the critically acclaimed Guardians of the Galaxy trilogy in the MCU, a space opera starring characters that were unfamiliar to many comics readers.

The Hollywood Reporter states that Peter Safran and James Gunn, the filmmakers of Guardians of the Galaxy, have been chosen to lead the DC film franchise.

As Walter Hamada has departed DC Films, the two of them will take over as co-chairs and co-CEOs of DC Studios. David Zaslav, CEO of Warner Bros. Discovery, has claimed that Gunn and Safran will “oversee the creative direction” of the DC universe and develop a “long-term strategy.”

Seeing how DC has lagged behind Marvel for a decade, Zaslav had been looking for fresh leadership. However, the winner was a huge surprise. Hiring a director for such a high-profile executive position was described as “unusual” by the Reporter.

Gunn, who works for DC’s archrival Marvel, directed the Guardians of the Galaxy films. His aggressive tweets in 2018 led to his dismissal from the third Guardians. He will return to direct Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 in 2023, according to Disney, which owns Marvel.

Since Gunn was released from Marvel, DC has signed him to direct 2021’s The Suicide Squad and its spin-off series Peacemaker. Should the Twitter incident have occurred, he might not have landed this prestigious Hollywood role.

James Gunn, Director of The Next Film “Guardians of The Galaxy,” Was Removed from His Position at Marvel Due to His Abusive Tweets.

james gunn controversy

A remarkable turnaround for Gunn, who was fired as director of the third Guardians of the Galaxy film in 2018 by Marvel boss Kevin Feige and Disney over offensive tweets from a decade ago that seemed to trivialize rape and pedophilia. These tweets resurfaced online by Mike Cernovich, a right-wing conspiracy theorist who once criticized Hollywood as being “rotten to the core.”

In an effort to completely revamp its most recognizable brand, Warner Bros. has decided to grant Gunn artistic control of its DC characters, despite the director’s history of controversy.

A household name in the comic book movie industry because of his work with Marvel and DC’s Suicide Squad last year, Gunn is now a familiar face to audiences everywhere.

Gunn’s controversial past was likely a factor in Warner Bros. deciding to hire him, according to Dergarabedian, but the promise of a more consistent and coherent long-term vision for the company may have been more important.

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Twitter’s Awake Generating DC-Area James Gunn Fanfare

The right-wingers’ success in getting James Gunn fired has led to jubilation on woke Twitter that Gunn now sits atop the political hierarchy in Washington, D.C. You can be sure that they expect the same level of consciousness in all of the material they consume.

Disney let Gunn go from Marvel, but Warner Bros. quickly snapped him up so he could work on The Suicide Squad film and the HBO Max Peacemaker series.

According to a press release issued by Warner Bros. on Tuesday, James Gunn and film producer and veteran Warner Bros. contributor Peter Safran will take on the roles of cochair and co-CEO of DC Studios.

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Final Words:

Guardians of the Galaxy directors Peter Safran and James Gunn will oversee the DC film franchise, via The Hollywood Reporter. Marvel’s Gunn directed the Guardians of the Galaxy films. In 2018, his nasty tweets lead to his dismissal from the third Guardians. Right-wing conspiracy theorist Mike Cernovich revived these tweets calling Hollywood “rotten to the core.” He’ll direct Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 in 2023, says Disney, which owns Marvel.

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