Japanese Men Before and After Becoming a Dog: He Shelled out Rs. 12 Lakh to Transform Himself Into a Dog.

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Good Boy is the moniker he prefers to go by.

In order to achieve his longtime ambition of becoming a dog, this Japanese man spent more than $15,000 on a hyper-realistic costume. An April video of the man impersonating Lassie has received more than 600,000 views on YouTube.

Cosplayer Toko-San told news source Mynavi that he paid Zeppet — a business that manufactures costumes for TV commercials and films —a whopping $15,709 for the hairy getup since it “looks real when you put it on,” according to Yahoo. The finished piece took 40 days and numerous revisions to produce.

“My favorite is quadrupedal animals — especially cute ones,” Toko-San exclaimed when asked what inspired him to become his own best friend. It seemed like a nice idea to have a large animal that was close to me, so I decided to make it a dog. ”

As Toko-San explained, the long hair of a collie can “mislead the human figure,” not to mention that these herding pooches are his favorite breed.

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Japanese Men Before and After Becoming A Dog

He may be seen in his collie suit, waving, rolling over, and mimicking other canine im-paw-donations, like a dog Andy Serkis impersonating. Several clips show Toko-San playing fetch, hugging toy animals, and bouncing ping-pong balls on paddles. Toko-San tweeted pictures of his Lass charade with the message, “able to accomplish my goal of becoming an animal!”

This is a collie because it appears real on me,” Toko-San said of his furry getup. He hired Zeppet — an organization that manufactures costumes for TV commercials and films — for a whopping $15,709 to make it. There were numerous adjustments made over the course of 40 days to get to the final output.

Japanese Men Before and After Becoming A Dog

Aside from the dog costume, maybe the most amazing feature is the level of realism in the costume. Zeppet had to custom-fit the animal costume to the human body in order to achieve this effect.

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A dog’s skeleton can be replicated on a human skeleton. According to an unknown design staffer, “We spent hours researching how to make it appear like a dog” because the skeleton’s structure is so different from the human body. “In addition, we collect images taken from various angles so that the lovely coat of the collie can be duplicated and developed so that the coat flows naturally.”

I love it,” another person exclaimed, “it’s so kawaii!”

Toko-metamorphosis San’s on YouTube caused chaos

Japanese Men Before and After Becoming A Dog

It’s safe to say that Toko-metamorphosis San’s on YouTube caused quite the buzz, with one commenter characterizing it as “Amazing…Hats off”.

Some people, on the other hand, thought the man’s pastime was weird and pointless.

Someone called it “the silliest thing that one can ever commit to,” while another said it was “like a car accident, distressing but you can never stop watching.”

Animal-loving people are known for going to extraordinary lengths in order to show how much they care about their furry friends. At least 250,000 people in the United States identify as “furries,” a subculture whose members enjoy dressing up as cartoonish animals, sometimes as a sexual desire but more frequently as a fun escape.

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