Jay Park Controversy: Jungkook and Jay Park Pictures Divide the Bts Army

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Born April 25, 1987, in South Korea as Park Jae-beam (Hangul: ), Jay Park is a multi-talented American artist who has released music as a rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer, dancer, and entrepreneur.

He co-founded the independent hip-hop record labels AOMG and H1ghr Music and served as CEO of the More Vision label. He also participated in the b-boy crew Art of Movement (AOM), based in Seattle.


After four years as a trainee with the South Korean record label JYP Entertainment, Park first found fame as the group’s leader in 2008. 2 PM is a boy band that has achieved great success in South Korea.

Park officially left the group in September 2009, when he moved back to Seattle in the wake of media attention given to anti-Korea comments he made as a teenager in 2005.

In June of 2010 Park returned to South Korea to film Hype Nation, and in July of that year, he signed a contract with SidusHQ, one of the largest entertainment agencies in South Korea.

Park’s rebranding and re-debut as a solo singer and a rapper would allow him to participate in the underground hip-hop culture in South Korea, something that is unusual for both current and former K-Pop idols.

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Recently, American rapper Jay Park posted a photo of himself with BTS member Jungkook. Some people hoped that they would work together, but others were worried about Jay’s true motives.

Since Jungkook posed for photos with rapper Jay Park, BTS ARMY has been split. Many were hoping for some sort of working relationship between the two, while others were concerned about Jay Park’s motivations. In addition, the hashtag “#FreeJungkook” began trending on Twitter as concerned BTS fans voiced their belief that BTS critic Jay Park is trying to use Jungkook for publicity.

Jay Park posted pictures and glowing praises of his meeting with K-pop star Jungkook to his Instagram account. The first was a selfie in which Jungkook looked miserable while still holding Jay Park’s arm and the latter smiled widely for the camera. The pair posed for the second photo in front of a music studio desk.

Jay posted the photos with the caption, “Even though he’s at the top, he has a growth mindset and he’s humble. Whoa, that guy is hot. Moreover, he is a skilled boxer. After meeting Jk, I can appreciate all the praise they receive. Personable, aspirational, and gifted.” When Jungkook saw the post, he decided to share it on his Instagram Story.

Numerous comments on the post asked if Jungkook, a former member of the K-pop group 2PM, would be working with the American rapper. A lot of “OMG” comments were made by fans, and one even read: “Can you hear music coming from that group?? Collab?” Another fan said, “Right now I will start praying that they make a song together, out of Jungkook’s comfort zone, something Jay Park style.”

Many Army Members Are Still Bitter About the Encounter

and they’ve taken to Twitter to express their inability to forgive Jay Park. The rapper from Seattle first gained recognition in 2008 as the frontman of the South Korean boy band 2PM. After a major controversy erupted over comments he made about Korea in 2005 as a teenager and were later reported on by the Korean media, he left the band and South Korea, eventually returning to his home country the following year.

jay park controversy

Additionally, he had previously tweeted his displeasure with BTS. In 2018, he said, “Two ppl on the plane asked me if I was part of BTS… lol I need to get my weight up,” in a tweet about his weight.” This tweet was cited by ARMY to support their claim that Jungkook is being held hostage by him and is therefore posing with him.

One Person Wrote

“Free Jay Park’s Jungkook,” while another person commented, “Free Jungkook. He did what he thought he had to do, but he didn’t really want to.” Another one penned, “I know darn well that mf had a gun on the other side forcing Jungkook to take a selfie, and he’s probably the nicest person on Earth.

I hope jungkook made it home without realizing he’d lost his wallet, #freejungkook.” One more said, “Jay Park is the biggest hypocrite ever because he acted like he didn’t shade BTS and ARMYS in the past but now he’s all smiling and acting like a saint.”

However, after performing at Permission to Dance in Las Vegas, BTS members Jungkook, Jin, Jimin, J-Hope, Suga, and V have returned to South Korea. RM, the group’s leader, was not spotted upon their arrival at the Seoul airport.

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Genres of Music

The majority of Jay Park‘s music is contemporary R&B and hip hop, but he also uses elements of pop, dance, soul, electronic, and acoustic music. Park’s vocal training came from Kim Jo-han, a former member of SOLID and a well-known R&B artist who is also known for being the vocal coach of many idols in the industry, before his debut with 2PM.

Kim went on to say that “Park has an appealing and unique voice” and “definitely stood out among the rest.” In eighth grade, Park got his start penning rap lyrics. As a solo artist, he has complete creative control over his music, including songwriting, album production, collaborator selection, and mastering and mixing. This is extremely rare for a singer in the Korean music industry.

As opposed to simply writing chart-topping singles, Park claims that his ultimate goal is to get people to listen to music that has a “Jay Park sound.”

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