Jodie Sweetin from Full House Was Shoved by Police During an Abortion Protest

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Defending her rights, Full House alum During a weekend abortion rights demonstration in Los Angeles, cops shoved Jodie Sweetin.

A video posted by photographer Michael Ade

In a post On Sunday, June 26, Sweetin, 40, Michael Ade was yelling into her megaphone when several riot-clad officers shoved her back into the throng and off the grassy area near the motorway. No justice, no peace cries started as she fell to the ground, but she immediately stood back up, adjusted her hat, and dusted herself off.

Ade claims that the actress was attempting to steer the demonstrators away from the road

Jodie Sweetin from Full House was shoved by police during an abortion protest

As @JodieSweetin attempted to guide a group of nonviolent protestors away from the roadway, she was shoved to the ground by LAPD officers. What are you guys doing, SMH @LAPDHQ? On Sunday, Ade used Instagram to caption the video.

“Jodi [sic] is the definition of a real one and thankfully she’s okay,” he continued. However, if you see others choosing to protest today, be careful and maintain an alert head. The summer is going to be incredibly long.

Sweetin’s agent provided confirmation

To Entertainment Weekly, Sweetin’s agent provided confirmation of the occurrence. The former Full House star vowed to keep opposing the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade and put an end to abortion rights on the federal level in a statement to Entertainment Weekly.

“I’m incredibly proud of the hundreds of folks who showed up yesterday to use their First Amendment rights and take urgent action to peacefully oppose the enormous injustices that have been delivered by our Supreme Court,” Sweetin said in her statement. “Until our voices are heard and action is taken, we will keep up our activism. This won’t stop us; we’ll keep up the struggle for our rights. We won’t be free until ALL of us are.

Mescal Wasilewski, the engaged Californian, uploaded Ade’s video with the description, “Not just ‘talking the talk,'” on Facebook. Following four years of dating, she and Wasilewski got engaged in January.

When The Progressivists reposted the video, the author of unsweetened wrote, “Thank you for uploading. I admire everyone battling in the streets for justice… — #WeKeepUsSafe.

Hollywood was not exempt from the nation’s astonishment on Friday, June 24, when the Supreme Court decided to overturn Roe v. Wade, which has allowed abortions for almost 50 years. While many celebrities are abroad at the Glastonbury Festival in England amid the political commotion, a few stars on stage took a minute to express their emotions about the choice.

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