Kane Lim Before Plastic Surgery: Bling Empire Star Look that Surprises You

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Born in Singapore, Kane Lim now makes his home in the United States. A Sagittarian by zodiac, he was born on November 22. In 2021, Kane Lim, a Singaporean businessman, and reality TV personality made an appearance on Netflix’s hit series Bling Empire. Follow him on Instagram at @kanelk k to see his posts.

Millionaire Kane Lim left Singapore for the United States in the early 2010s. Forward to the year 2021, and he’s co-starring in Netflix’s Bling Empire among other rich Asians.

Kane Lim Plastic Surgery

The first season of Bling Empire premiered on Netflix over a year ago, so it’s not like this is some unexplored subject. With the return of the streamer for Season 2, the show is once again the newest topic of discussion among Bling Empire fans. Strangely, the most insignificant details about wealthy individuals may elicit a flood of emotion and a torrent of commentary from those with the most to say.

If you were among the many who wondered if Kane Lim had plastic surgery a year ago, you finally have your answer. It was a waste of time and resources to spend fifteen months ago searching the internet and Kane Lim’s social media for pre-op photos of the actor because no such images could be located.

There were no telltale signs of plastic surgery when photos of the reality star from the past were compared to those from the present.

After that, people had to admit that they were being overly confident in presuming that he has had plastic surgery simply because he works in the entertainment industry. More importantly, he never confirmed or denied having undergone any cosmetic procedures.

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Kane Lim’s Appearance Has Altered Drastically

Google searches for “did Kane Lim undergo plastic surgery” have been replaced by “Kane Lim before plastic surgery” because the topic is no longer open to conjecture.

Bling Empire made public the fact that Kane Lim underwent cosmetic surgery. Dr. Tsay’s cosmetic work is shown in the second season. Kane pays him a visit so that his nasal bridge might be augmented. With the use of a painkiller, Dr. Shay performs a PDO thread surgery to slim his nostrils, resulting in a noticeably smaller nose. That’s why it’s unnecessary to restate everything for verification.

kane lim before plastic surgery

That makes Kane a billionaire who can now afford to pay for his own nose. Really, that’s all there is? Did he only make adjustments to the nose, or did he go further? As you can see, he is not the type to take chances. It’s not surprising that he’s changed his entire look because he always goes all out.

Besides, you can’t ignore the Bling Empire followers who are raging online about how much plastic surgery has altered his appearance. Simply put, whenever he appears on the show, he immediately becomes the center of negative attention.

Indeed, it’s difficult to admire a waxy face in the name of Botox-enhanced beauty And if you look at his side profile, you can clearly see the fillers in his cheeks, which are less noticeable from the front. In addition, the fillers haven’t fully settled. That’s because his cheek size varies considerably between scenes. Even when gazing at his head on, his cheekbones might appear disproportionately large and uneven in height.

Bling Empire devotees also find Rihanna’s choice of him to represent Fenty Beauty in Singapore laughable on the grounds that, as they put it, “he doesn’t even have a real face.”

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How Rich Is Kane Lim?

Bloomberg announced in August of 2022 that Kane, who has a net worth of $20 million according to Celebrity Net Worth, would be launching an athleisure collection named B.L.I.N.G., short for Because Life Is Not Guaranteed.

According to his bio at Oppenheim Group, though, Kane is a “lifelong philanthropist” who donates to organizations like Miracles for Kids and Uplift Services with part of his bling.

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