What’s Wrong With Kanye West? Where Exactly in The Brain Does Manic Episode Begin?

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West, whose legal name is Ye, has been open about his battles with bipolar disorder for a long time. Questions about how to respond have been raised in the wake of online comments expressing hope that Ye would seek help and others explaining the history of Ye’s mental illness and deliberate provocation.

Extreme shifts in mood, from euphoric “highs” or even mania to crushing lows, are a hallmark of bipolar disorder. The onset of manic highs and depressive lows can be infrequent or frequent and can last anywhere from a few days to several months, but symptoms can vary greatly from person to person.

Medication and treatment can effectively manage the condition. West has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and was hospitalized in 2016 for mental health issues.

In Simple Terms, What Is Bipolar Disorder?

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Manic-depressive illness, or bipolar disorder, is characterized by extreme highs (mania; increased activity) and lows (depression); these extremes occur at different times (low energy and mood).

Symptoms of mania, which can last for several days or weeks, include:

  • internal restlessness and a need for constant motion
  • ideas and ambitions of a grand scale; drive for success.
  • Rapid, difficult-to-interrupt speech
  • low quality of sleep
  • a profound feeling of connection to everything in existence
  • dispositions that can range from irritability to elation.

Greenblatt made a statement saying that those who try to “sanitize” West Kanye‘s discriminatory behavior by attributing it entirely to mental illness do nothing but further stigmatize the millions of adults who deal with these difficulties.

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Exactly how Does Bipolar Disorder Feel?

Miller, who established an organization to address the lack of mental health care for people of color, described the condition as “like you’ve got a battery pack on your back, and you’re always on go.”

Adolescence is a common time for this illness to first manifest, and it goes on to affect about 1% of the adult population. It has a strong genetic component and affects both sexes in roughly equal numbers.

Approximately 2%-3% of adults may be affected by the less severe forms of the illness, which are often referred to as bipolar II or bipolar spectrum disorders.

It is more likely that the inability of the circadian clock to maintain tight synchronization with our normal 24-hour light/dark and activity/sleep cycles underlies what is commonly referred to as “mood disorders,” a descriptive term.

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The Aftermath of A Manic Episode.

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The “down” swing into a depressive phase, in which the individual may feel sad, disinterested, and hopeless, is said by experts to be a major source of distress for people with bipolar disorder.

Experts say that bipolar disorder is most commonly diagnosed when a person is in a depressive state when they are more likely to seek treatment. During a depressive episode, a person can sleep for “12, even 16 hours” straight.

“The mania can cause enormous messes and destroy people’s lives and families in a relatively short amount of time,” Hirschfeld said. “But the long-term damage that depression can do is much greater.”

Final Words:

Kanye’s work addresses mental illness. Bipolar disorder causes up-and-down feelings. The bipolar disorder must be understood. West’s road to high office is no longer unlikely, but his outbursts seem like 21st-century narcissism. ” Less ‘crazy’. Born, driven, or gotten. West’s Instagram and Twitter are anti-semitic. Displays, Manic highs, and depressive lows can be occasional or frequent and span days to months, but symptoms vary significantly. The disorder is treated with medication. Bipolar disorder hospitalized West in 2016.

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