Kendall Jenner Dating History: Have a Look Which Is Going to Make You Thirsty!

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What are the specifics of Kendall Jenner’s love life? Kendall is well-known for being a supermodel and for her family’s well-known reality program.

Kendall has reportedly had a number of relationships over the years, although being less secretive about it than her Kardashian-Jenner sisters. Travis Scott and Tyga were among Kylie Jenner’s romantic partners.

The model’s love life is as follows, as far as we know. Here you can scroll the Kendall Jenner’s dating history

Devin Booker from 2020 through 2022

There are rumors of a breakup between Kendall and her two-year boyfriend Devin Booker. The couple “hit a tough patch recently and have been divided for approximately a week and a half,” according to a source who spoke to E! News.

As stated by the source, Kendall “needed space and time apart,” and they “have been in touch since and do care for one another.” Kendall published a lot of pictures of her basketball player boyfriend despite often keeping her romances private.

kendall jenner dating history

The NBA player Devin Booker is my lover, Kendall said while speaking to Andy Cohen on the “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” reunion episode. In addition, the model denied reports that she only dates basketball players, stating, “No, I genuinely don’t only date basketball players, if anyone has ever done their research.”

The model and the Phoenix Suns player used Instagram to celebrate their one-year wedding anniversary in June 2021, making their romance there official. The couple seems delightfully cuddly in these cute photographs Jenner posted to her story.

Before this, Jenner had been seen watching his games from the sidelines, and a fan even posted a picture of the star alone in a chair. On numerous trips, the two have also been spotted together. On Instagram in September 2021, the model posted a few sweet pictures of her and Booker’s vacation to Italy.

Fai Khdr & Kendal Jenner

Fai has been linked to every Kardashian-Jenner because he hangs out with them, but in 2019 Kendall’s relationship was the subject of dating speculations, addition to Kylie. We don’t date, he’s simply my date!, Kendall captioned a photo of the two of them on Instagram, denying the rumors.

Alleged Ex: Kyle Kuzma

Following their breakup, Kendall sought a new relationship with yet another athlete Kyle Kuzma . Despite the fact that the duo was seen together over the Fourth of July weekend, nothing more happened. Kendall responded, “2 out of 5 accurate,” to a meme that claimed to illustrate the NBA players she had dated. This means that she had only dated Ben Simmons and Blake Griffin. Ken and Kyle appeared to be merely pals who enjoyed being around one another.

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Ben Simmons: 2018

After dating Ben Simmons, an Australian basketball player, Jenner continued to have a thing for NBA players during the summer of 2018. Kendall Jenner was frequently pictured with the sportsman at dinner or at the side of the court, and their friendship was possibly the most publically discussed. Our amazement increased when we discovered that the couple had split up in May 2019. The romance has merely “run its course,” according to a source who spoke to People.

Anwar Hadid: 2018

Early in June 2018, Kendall was seen with Gigi and Bella’s younger brother, “sucking face,” as TMZ delightedly described it. Even on the disputed night, she Instagram stored a photo of his hand.

The Anwar Hadid & Kendall were alleged “simply having some fun while out with friends,” but PLOT TWIST: A few months later, she was spotted making out with Anwar at a Fashion Week party. Despite the fact that no pictures were taken, here is one of Kendall spending time with the Hadids on the same night:

Nick Jonas

The star’s dating history began when Jenner was hooked up with Nick Jonas by close friend Gigi Hadid in 2015, during the height of the boho movement and Drake’s release of “Hotline Bling” (who was dating Joe Jonas at the time). Although the boy band star said he had never dated the model, he had recently ended his relationship with Olivia Culpo. We are not a couple, he said to E! News. “Kendall is amazing, and naturally, with her being good friends with Gigi and with Joe and Gigi dating, there are times we’ll be in the same spot and we’ll all hang together.”

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Harry Styles

kendall jenner dating history

Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner’s exact ancestry is unknown, however, between 2013 and 2016, the two were in intermittent dating. Despite rumors to the contrary, the musician has reportedly penned a song for his 2017 self-titled album about the model.

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