Who Is Kevin Kreider Girlfriend? What Is the Real Relationship Status of Bling Empire Star?

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One of the most recognisable faces from the hit Netflix show Bling Empire is a model and reality star who shot to fame thanks to her appearances.

The men’s magazines Men’s Health and Men’s Fitness have featured him. Kevin Kreider, who was born on August 21, 1983, was conceived in Seoul, South Korea. By 2022, Kevin Kreider will have been 39 years old.

Kevin Kreider was born in the South Korean capital of Seoul He discussed the need to rethink traditional Asian masculinity in a TEDx Talk delivered in 2018. It was in Pennsylvania that his adoptive parents took him in when he was three years old.

Kevin Kreider Girlfriend

For the third and final season of Bling Empire in 2022, Christine Chiu arranged a surprise reunion between Kevin Kreider (@kevin.kreider) and his ex-girlfriend Devon Diep (@devondie). Similarly, it has been said that the eternal bachelor from the Netflix reality show is still seeing his season three sweetheart Devon and that the two are currently residing in Los Angeles.

After two seasons of trying to woo his then-girlfriend Kim Lee, Kevin did the same with Devon and invited her to join the series. The singer and actress dated Kevin seven years ago but broke up afterwards. Christine Chiu proposed bringing them back together on the show.

Kevin had also told Christine about his ex-girlfriend from his time spent in the East, Devon Diep. Although they had a great time together, they broke up on bad terms, and Kevin blamed himself for the split because he was struggling with his sobriety at the time.

kevin kreider girlfriend

In fact, Kevin and Devon had planned to relocate to Los Angeles together before breaking up and forcing Kevin to make the move westward on his own. Christine noticed Kevin’s openness as he contemplated whether or not Devon was his soul mate.

To help her half-brother Kevin, Christine located Devon and arranged a surprise meeting in Paris. Kevin, astonished by the turn of events, kept praising Christine and marvelling at the unexpected turn of events. Kevin and Devon went on a second date where they discussed Kevin’s transformation and their shared history. The two decided to try dating again after six and a half years had passed.

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According to Kreider

Things have gotten tense between the couple because they are in the midst of their third relocation in as many weeks. To everyone’s relief, the couple is still very much in love, and Kreider is convinced that his future wife will become a regular cast member in the upcoming fourth season. During an exclusive interview, at Christine Chiu’s season 3 screening party on October 5, Kreider said,

In my opinion, our show would benefit from the addition of more attractive female characters. She seems eager to be recognised for her natural beauty and to shine a brighter spotlight on Vietnamese culture.

However, the cast members animosity toward one another increased significantly after their reunion. Similar to how Kim Lee, Kreider’s ex-girlfriend, admitted in a confessional that she may have had to break his heart in order for him to realise Devon is the one for him when Diep joined him at a party on the season finale,

Kreider, meanwhile, has admitted that he and Lee are no longer close, along with fellow cast members Kelly Mi Li and Kane Lim. A while later he elaborated,

Kim and I usually talk about the show and other things that are going on in the world at this time, but I didn’t hear from her or get a text message from her.

I feel like she’s trying to treat the relationship with more respect lately. Kelly and I don’t have many conversations about our relationship. It seems to be the case with Kane as well; I don’t think I’d be able to open up to him about my feelings in romantic relationships.


He maintained his focus on acting while also maintaining a respectable income as a trainer and lavishing ever more resources on his own personal appearance. Careless credit card use was also hurting his finances. He was a trainer for a while before moving to New York to study acting at the Maggie Flanigan Studio.

In New York, he planned to give the modelling industry a shot. Aspiring to be like Daniel Liu and Godfrey Gao were two of his biggest inspirations.

He had to do odd jobs to make ends meet because money was so tight. At one time, he owed a total of $26,000 in debt. Thankfully, he was able to get some modelling jobs. His first modelling job paid only $5,000, which is pitiful for a New York City model. Still, that was a considerable sum for Kevin.

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The Ugly Model Documentary

kevin kreider girlfriend

The 2019 documentary “The Ugly Model,” directed by Doris Yeung and based on Kreider’s upbringing as a Korean in the United States, features Kevin.

Many people felt the documentary was informative and well done. However, in 2021, he appeared in Christine Chiu’s series “Bling Empire,” which catapulted his fame. His meteoric rise to fame began the moment his name began to be known.

After the Netflix reality show, the Korean-American man disclosed his involvement in several other projects, including “Tudum,” “Celebrity Family Feud,” “The Netflix Afterparty,” and “Lorraine.”

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