Kevin Samuels Death News – What Was the Reason of His Death?

YouTuber, Image Consultant, Life, Dating & Social Media Influencer, Kevin Samuels.

As far as we know, Kevin Samuels was born on the 13th of March 1965 in Atlanta, Georgia (the United States). The man was also well-known for his work as a business and personal development motivator. As a result, he became a well-known figure in the black community for his outspoken criticisms and counsel.

We have no idea who his biological parents are at this time. Nobody has any idea where he’s from, either. He has a strong desire for privacy. Because he isn’t extremely active on social media, there isn’t much information available on him.

The whole net worth of Kevin Samuels

Kelvin Samuels‘s primary source of income is as a social media influencer. $4 million was reported to be his net worth An image consultant who describes himself on Instagram as making $10,000 for each consultation may be found on the site.


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By selling items and appearing in ads, he makes a living. A yearly salary of $500,000 is the primary source of much of this riches. Ad revenue from Kevin Samuels’ YouTube channel is expected to top $7000 per month.

Was Kevin Samuels Killed by a Gunshot to the Head?

He died abruptly on May 5, according to his family, a well-known internet celebrity. The cause of his death initially remained a mystery, but Atlanta police issued a statement on the subject.

In the caller’s account, the man had reportedly fallen to the ground at his home. Upon arrival, first responders tried to revive Samuels with cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). An unidentified woman was present with him in his last moments. As she said in court, she stayed up all night with the 56-year-old man who died the next day from signs of his lungs failing to function properly.

It appears that the mysterious lady has finally come out after a few days. A few hours earlier, a woman on Instagram claimed to be Samuels’ final companion and identify herself as her.


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“You have no idea who is undermining your efforts,” she wrote. There are wonderful people on this terrible planet.”

If she wasn’t left alone, the lady was going to sue me for invasion of privacy. To have to justify doing what is right baffles me. Hire an attorney and have them clean up their act,” she said.

According to many, her relationship with Samuels was a one-night stand. In her defense, she said: “As a six-figure earner from the Midwest, I know better than anyone. One-night stands are not necessary. Close friends and family know I am a kind person. It’s true that people can be awful, but they also care.”

The identity of the woman who lives in Samuel’s house is still a mystery. The story of a controversial YouTuber’s death is always changing.

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Personal Life

After Kevin Samuels’ first wife died, he married his boyhood sweetheart for the second time. A year after his first marriage ended, he remarried and stayed married for three years until divorcing.

As his ex-wife expresses her unhappiness, Samuels has turned to social media. Kevin, she alleges, has failed to pay child support and refused to assist the child with the costs of attending college.

As a YouTube sensation, Kevin Samuels never married. The 56-year-old, who was born in March 1965, was married twice and divorced both times, according to public records. Despite his fame, Kevin has been able to keep his personal life a secret from the public. Sixthegoddis was said to be dating the YouTuber in 2021, according to rumors at the time.

The occupation of Kevin Samuels

A self-described image consultant, Mr. Samuels had morphed from a personal stylist to a social media star in recent years by cultivating an image of plain-spoken, hypermasculine authority in a well-tailored suit, which he frequently wore.


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How did Kevin Samuels become a household name in the entertainment industry?

According to his mother, Kevin Samuels, a popular YouTube personality known for his controversial love advice, has died. On Thursday night, the first reports of his death began to circulate on social media.

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At what point in time did Kevin Samuels begin submitting his videos to YouTube?

Samuels describes himself as an “image consultant” and an “influencer.” He has over 295 million views and 1.4 million followers since joining YouTube in May of 2015. (as of publication).

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