Exactly Why Kyrie Irving Backed a Movie that Was “filled with Bigoted Prejudices” Is Beyond Me.

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Kyrie Irving, who is no stranger to controversy, said on Saturday that he accepts all religions and defended his right to share a link that many people saw as anti-Semitic.

Thursday he used both to promote a movie coming out in 2018 titled “Hebrews to Negroes: Wake Up Black America.”

Anti-Semitic stereotypes and false claims, such as that many Jews worship Satan, are rife in both the film and the 2014 book on which it is based.

The NBA issued a statement condemning Irving’s comments from late last week, and Nets owner Joe Tsai publicly criticized Irving for his behavior. The league and the team both

Following the Nets Game, Kyrie Irving Gets Heated with The Media.

kyrie irving controversy

It was first revealed on Friday by Rolling Stone that Irving had endorsed a film called “Hebrews to Negroes: Wake Up Black America,” which is “packed with antisemitic stereotypes,” as the publication puts it.

After Saturday’s 125-116 loss to the Indiana Pacers, the Nets dropped to 1-5 on the year. Irving repeatedly doubled down and got into a fight with ESPN reporter Nick Friedell when he was questioned by reporters about his tweets after the game.

Friedell questioned Irving’s “promotion” of the antisemitic film and book when he “claimed an Alex Jones conspiracy theory he posted on Instagram was real” while distancing himself from the radio host’s defamation of Sandy Hook.

Irving denied that he was endorsing the videos by sharing them on his social media accounts and further suggested that the video’s antisemitism was irrelevant.

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Opinions of The Nets’ Star, Coach, and Owner

Joe Tsai, the owner of the New York Nets, expressed his displeasure on Friday at Irving’s apparent support for a movie “based on a book full of antisemitic misinformation.”

On Thursday, the star guard for the Nets tweeted a link to the movie “Hebrews to Negroes: Wake Up Black America.” The movie “uncovers the true identity of the Children of Israel,” according to the Amazon summary.

Prior to the Nets’ defeat by Indiana, coach Steve Nash stated that “the organization has spoken to Kyrie about it” without going into any detail.

However, nothing mentioned will prevent Irving from sharing what he wants to. He declared, “I’m not going to back down on anything I believe in. I’m not alone, so I’m only going to get stronger. I have an entire army surrounding me.

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What Was Mentioned by Kyrie Irving?

kyrie irving controversy

Irving’s family has Native American ancestry; his mother was a resident of the reserve, and Irving himself has spent time with the tribe, where he has been respected.

“Did I do any crimes? Did I cause any harm? Regarding the tweet, Irving questioned the media. “Have I hurt anyone? Am I declaring my hatred for a certain set of individuals right now?

A contemptuous Irving took shots at reporters at the tense press conference, claiming that he doesn’t “expect understanding from a media conglomerate group.”

Kyrie Irving declared, “I’m not going to back down on anything I believe in. I’m not alone, so I’m only going to get stronger. I have an entire army surrounding me.

The opinions and words made by Irving have caused a stir. The vaccine mandate in New York City and Irving’s refusal to comply caused him to miss much of the 2016–17 season. Then there was the time he declared his flat-earth faith (something he later apologized for).

Irving tweeted a video from Alex Jones, one of the most prominent voices of conspiracy theories, two days before the start of training camp this season. Jones is known for claiming that the 2012 Sandy Hook school shooting was staged.

The young victims of the shooting who sued him are now making him pay millions of dollars as a result of his statements.

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Final Words:

Thursday, He promoted “Hebrews to Negroes: Wake Up Black America” Both the film and its 2014 sourcebook are filled with anti-Semitic prejudices and erroneous assertions, such as that many Jews worship Satan. Irving’s mother was a Native American reservation dweller, and he’s spent time with the tribe, where he’s respected. The NBA and Nets owner Joe Tsai condemned Irving’s statements last week. League, team

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